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A Ginormous Xiao Long Bao Has Arrived In Sydney

By Ange Law
27th Oct 2016

Giant xiao long bao sydney

A ginormous xiao long bao has arrived in Sydney and you can buy two for less than $20 (or you know, one for $8.90, if we’re being precious about it). Sydney’s favourite dumpling emporium, Din Tai Fung, is behind the frankly, genius dish, which is SEVEN TIMES LARGER than your average pork dumpling. 

Seriously, this thing FILLS a steamer basket. Sorry for all of the caps but we’re just this damn excited about it. The filling is a classic combination of prawn and pork⎯ and it’s even served with a jumbo straw so you can slurp all of that steamy broth goodness right from its delicious belly to yours. 

This one won’t be around for long, so you should make sure you hit one of their many locations at least four times (maybe five) throughout November, before they’re gone forever. 

The Details:

What: Giant Xiao Long Bao
When: Tuesday 1 November – Wednesday 30 November
Where: Din Tai Fung (multiple locations)
Cost: $8.90

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Image credit: Din Tai Fung

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