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The Glitterbox Party Is Coming Back To Sydney

By Ange Law
8th Dec 2017

Glitterbox Sydney Festival

Remember that time earlier in the year that you got your dance on in a big cube filled with glitter? Well, that particular party is coming back to Sydney thanks to Sydney Festival and we know you want to be there. This time, it's happening at The Meriton Festival Village in Hyde Park and FYI this is where imagination, glitter (lots of glitter) and good times collide. This new installation by Sydney artist duo Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper with Elizabeth Gadsby  and it's basically a glitter-filled glowing cube that's been decked out with two-way mirrors. That means you can't see out, but people can see in because it's more fun that way. 

What is a glitter party, we hear you asking? Besides being the best thing to do in Sydney in January, it’s literally a dance party where A LOT of glitter will be flying around. So you’ll basically jump into the cube for a song, then cut shapes on a dancefloor sensory-overloaded glitter trip of colour and light. Sounds like fun, no?

For all of the details and to book tickets, head here

The details:

What: Glitterbox
When: 5 - 28 January, from 6pm (closed Mondays)
Where: Village Sideshow, Hyde Park North
Cost: Free

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Image credit: Sydney Festival

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