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Activities Where You Can Drink Beer In Sydney

By Jessica Best
4th Jan 2017

best activities to drink beer in sydney

We’re no basic beer bandits. If we’re going to wash down a cold brew, we’re going to do it properly. That means activities. Lots of them.

Here’s an epic list of activities you can do in Sydney with a beer in one hand (or two).

Coogee Pavilion For Ping Pong 

If you’ve got one hand holding a ping pong racket and the other holding a beer, it’s a fact that you’re going to have a good time. Unless of course you’re an extremely competitive person, but when there’s pizza and burgers up for offer too, we’re pretty sure everybody wins.

The Greens North Sydney For Lawn Bowls

The grounds at the The Greens are an epic place to bring your crew along for a cold one. Not just because of the insane views and awesome atmosphere but… lawn bowls. It has no age limit, so if you haven’t spent a Sunday afternoon beering yourself up and playing a game of bowls, you’re missing out on your right of passage to play sport and drink at the same time. And whether you really care if you’re bowling in the right direction, that’s totally up to you.

Golf In The City

You may think we’re joking but you can actually play golf in the city. It’s indoor golf, but still. Hit up Golf in The City and enjoy their artisan beer, suave AF lounge areas, snacks and realistic motion software, you’ve pretty much got everything you need for a phenomenal night in.

Pool At The Union Hotel, Newtown

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, hit up The Union Hotel (the proper Aussie pub) who have a great list of Aussie wine and beer. And for your ultimate boozy session with old-school pub beers add in a serious game of pool.

Fun Corner At End Of The Wharf, Walsh Bay

Don’t be fooled, Theatre Bar may be in direct line of sight to stunning harbourside views, and finds itself located in a pretty upmarket kind of area, but its ‘adult’ Fun Corner is anything but serious. Decked out with books, a pool table, couches, ping pong and a seriously long list of brews… what else do you need for some big kid playtime?

Darts, Pool And Ping Pong At Harlequin Inn Pyrmont

Harley (as it's known to locals) is Sydney’s premier rugby and sporting pub. A favourite watering hole for anyone who loves beer (with 19 beers on tap). Swing by its Edinburgh bar for a game of darts, but let's be honest, you’re probably going to make use of their pool table and ping pong table while you’re there. 

Arcade Games At Goros

There’s no denying Japanese food and beer go hand-in-hand. Goros offers up draught and bottled beer, pairing perfectly with share-plate servings of pork belly, chicken wings and shiitake mushrooms. And what’s the cherry on top of this booze palace? Old-school arcade games. Air hockey. Pool. Karaoke. Take your pick.

Basketball At Vic On The Park

Let’s all agree that you don’t have to be beaming with athleticism from head to toe to be able to play a little b-ball. It’s always more entertaining to be a little un-co (and for us, that comes naturally). If you like a buzzing crowd, good tunes and good food (the buttermilk fried chicken burger trumps even the greatest slab of meat sandwiched between two buns), you’ll love Vic On The Park. Even if the only dribble you achieve is the one on your burger, the basketball court is an excellent option to work it all off.

The Standard Bowl

Knocking down a few pins with a few pints anyone? Bowling in a grungy retro fit-out is always a win and The Standard Bowl has the whole package; bowling, live bands, pool and pin ball, so your boozy shenanigans are in good hands.

Foosball At Wayward Brewing Co.

Roll your sleeves up and knock some foosball around at Wayward Brewing Co. There’s really no place else to get your hands on beer like theirs either, (they brew their own), with a list that boasts India red ale, pale ale, Bavarian lager, competitive foosball playing beer lovers are well catered for. 

Shuffleboard At Surly’s

Make your way to Smokey’s Cabin, the upstairs bar at Surly’s. Because if there’s one way to wash down American BBQ food, it’s with a cold brew and a good old fashioned game of shuffleboard because games have no age limit.

If you're just looking for somewhere to drink beer, period, then look here

Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Goros

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