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All The New Rooftop Bars To Get Around In Sydney

By Jessica Best
27th Sep 2018

We’re not a city short of a good view, sky-high feed or open-air drink. So what could these newbies possibly bring that you haven’t already tried? Oh man, where do we even start?

These kids are stepping the sky-high game up a massive notch with espresso martinis on tap, indoor cloud trees, apple cider slushies, palm springs vibes. The list goes on.

Here are 8 of the best new Sydney rooftops to get around this Spring.

The Rooftop


This latest open-air terrace is forging all the blush-pink vibes, cacti and a bangin’ cocktail menu to boot. Interior-wise, you’re in for a solid treat with the make-up of this newbie all down to design guru Matt Woods (also responsible for the picturesque Bloodwood and Devon). You should also know these kids rock an apple cider slushie (yes hello, new summer drink, is that you?) packed with all the cracked ice and a special housemade syrup to give it another punch. So yeah, doubt we need to convince you anymore to hit this one up stat.

The Rooftop At Manly Greenhouse


Make you way up to The Rooftop which preaches everything to do with hanging plants, panoramic views and an indoor cloud tree. Here you'll find bespoke cocktails and a bar menu with a selection of cured meats including LP's mortadella and Blackmore Wagyu beef bresaola and a heap of toasted sandwiches.

Mrs Jones

The Rocks

Meet Mrs Jones. She’ nestled on top of one of the city’s oldest pubs. She’s not the most obvious find so you’ll want to take the first doorway on the right in Sydney’s historic Kendall Lane and follow the stairs all the way to her entrance. The carefully curated list of cocktails is very much reflective of the venue, a mixture of traditional and contemporary. The team here offers all the classics featuring OG’s like negroni’s, sidecars and martini’s as well as apple and cinnamon sours (featuring fireballs, yes please), oh-so-Aussie espresso martinis, and a gin, basil and passionfruit concoction called the ‘Chelsea smile’.

Old Mates Place


The CBD’s latest sky-high addition is oddly enough boasting cosy, underground vibes in a two-level space. Indeed, half the fun of this newbie is actually finding it (cue a couple of flights of stairs and an unmarked door). This one, bearing shelves upon shelves of old-school books and lush plants, is by the same kids that brought us Kittyhawk and Lobo Plantation so yeah, the drink menu is actually off tap. You’ll be in for some pretty stellar views of the city plus a rotating menu offering up one helluva Philly cheesesteak.

The Rooftop


Meet the Hampton’s-inspired space is dotted with suspended Edison light bulbs, hanging chairs and a killer view of Darling Harbour. This newbie has some mad brews on tap including Furphy and Stone and Wood so your post-work cold one is absolutely sorted.

Imperial UP


Menu-wise, Imperial UP has all the goods. We’re talking all your fave Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, delivered with a flamboyant twist, and a selection of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes for those peeps with special dietary requirements (you know who you are). There’s also an extensive alcohol menu that offers an array of jugs and delish cocktails that’ll remind you of the good times and have you dancing well into the night.

To top it all off, here are Sydney's best tea cocktails.

Image credit: The Rooftop Pyrmont. 

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