An Indonesian BBQ Joint Just Opened In Newtown

By Ange Law
16th Feb 2018

Until a few hours ago, we thought Newtown had it all. Now though, we have realised that we were oh-so-wrong because an Indonesian BBQ joint has just opened its doors and we’re suddenly wondering where this place has been all our lives. 

The menu at Solo combines the best of Indonesia with seriously Aussie flair—think mussels cooked in Bintang beer (plus lemongrass, galangal, chilli, and garlic)—and purely traditional Indonesian fare as well. Personally, we plan to work our way through the small plates and only once we’ve had our fill of street tofu, beef rending quesadillas and pan-fried beef pancakes, will we move onto the bigs. 

If you make it to this portion of the evening (and you will), you’ll be gutted if you don’t bring some mates. There are only three big plates, but choosing which one to order will be tough. They’re serving up big tray chicken (with coconut rice, sambal kecap, sambal bajak, salad and slaw), short ribs (sticky AF and served with a watermelon pickle) and a mild lamb curry. Round it out with a doughnut stick and you’ll be rolling home, one satisfied and full human. 

They’re also serving up a mix of classics for brekky, salads and toasties at lunch, and they even have an entire menu dedicated to snacks, because they get us. 

Now, we thought we were done too but oh no, child. The snacks menu is where our new lover is hiding—the Mars bar and Nutella toastie. We knowwwww. Details on this one are slim, but we’re picturing a choc and caramel-filled toastie that just made all our dreams come true. It’s only eight bucks and they’re serving it up between 3pm and 5pm daily.

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