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Art Beat | All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November

By Emma O'Neill
13th Nov 2018

All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List
All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List
All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List
All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List
All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List
All The Gram-Worthy Art To See In Sydney In November | The Urban List

To keep you across our city’s tastiest visual treats, we give you Art Beat—a series all about doin’ it for the ‘gram (and all the feels that only great art can give, of course).

Some people might say art isn’t for everyone, but we disagree. There are no rules, and what you like is totally your own—whether it's pottery, pop-art or Bey and Jay going apeshit in the Louvre.

So here you go. We give you a taste of all the arty sights, shows and exhibitions you should be seeing this month. 

OLSEN ORMANDY: a creative force

If you needed any more reasons to hit the road/rail and head north to Newcastle, Newcastle Art Gallery brings you OLSEN ORMONDY: a creative force, an explosion of colour from the iconic duo behind Dinosaur Designs—Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy. Starting on the 17 November, the show includes 50 works that celebrate 30 years of collaboration.


Install begins @newcastleartgalleryaustralia

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As daughter of art world giant and iconic Australian painter John Olsen, it seems that watercolor paint runs in Louise Olsen’s blood. An artist in her own right, Louise presents her never-before-seen suite of whirling, splashed watercolors paintings.

The works seem all the more delicate when presented alongside Ormandy’s life-sized totemic sculptures rendered in the material that Dinosaur Designs has become synonymous with—resin. The smooth lines, voluptuous curves and bold hues of these sculptures are almost too irresistible to not reach out and touch. Just look though, and afterwards rest your visual senses under the moody lights of one of the city’s best speakeasy bars, Koutetsu on Hunter Street.

What: OLSEN ORMONDY: a creative force
When: 17 November 2018 until 17 February 2019
Where: Newcastle Art Gallery

Nick Cave: Until

We’ve told you about this show before. But we’d like to remind you it's happening because it’s going to send us all to art heaven. Iconic American sculptor, dancer, and performance artist, Nick Cave has arrived in Sydney for his most ambitious project yet and as I write, the artist and the team at Carriageworks are putting the final touches on a five-tonne chandelier of found objects stretching 16 metres across the ceiling to create some sort of dreamscape. You won’t have to just gaze from afar either, as viewers can ascend into these enormous clouds of crystals.


Install in progress @nickcaveart @carriageworks ��

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The beauty of the bling belies the message of the artist’s work, which seeks to highlight issues of gun violence, race relations and gender politics. The title of the exhibition itself draws from the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty’, or in this case ‘guilty until proven innocent’. If you haven’t had enough come January 2019, Carriageworks and Sydney Festival present UNTIL Later, after-hours sessions of music, artist talks, DJs and drinks.

Side note: we've just found out that it will be one of the final shows staged under the directorship of iconic powerhouse Lisa Havilah before she moves onto the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. We are beyond excited to see her work her magic at the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory. 

What: Nick Cave: Until 
When: 23 November 2018 until 3 March 2019
Where: Carriageworks


Make a beeline for Rozelle to Artereal for the slightly smaller-scale, but equally mesmerizing works of Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist Stevie Fieldsend. Drawing from the push and pull of bodily cycles, the artist presents a series of sculptural works of varying sizes and formats that draw you close.

Comprising pleated fabrics stained in rich tones of burgundy, black and beige, the bulges and folds of the fabric mimic the body and its power to move beyond what is convenient to suit its own rhythms. The artist’s work has been shown at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Moreton Bay Regional Gallery, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, Cessnock Regional Art Gallery and Campbelltown Regional Art Gallery. Curated by Barbara Dowse, hereafter is small, yet deeply felt.

What: hereafter
When: Until 1 December 2018
Where: Artereal Gallery

Dali Universe

Scrap those Euro-trip savings because Salvador Dali is coming to you. Works by the Spanish artist and major surrealist icon have arrived in Sydney for the first exhibition of its kind in for sixteen years.

Presented by Art Evolution Canada, this past week a bronze Salvador Dali sculpture valued at $2.8 million dollars and measuring 14 meters tall was installed on First Fleet Park on George Street Sydney. Known for those super trippy melting clock sculptures, the work presents a thawing clock in buzzing CBD to remind us, if we didn’t already know, that time reigns supreme. Seen it? Maybe you’ve been watching your own clock (phone). In tandem, a touring Salvador Dali sculpture and graphics exhibition will be presented at Billich gallery on George Street as part of an Australia and New Zealand tour.

What: Dali Universe
When: Until 31 January 2019
Where: Billich Gallery and First Fleet Park

When you've seen these shows, pack your bags and head to Japan to witness and walk across the legendary Rainbow Bridge

Image credits:
1. Nick Cave, Until
2. Nick Cave, Until
3. Stephen Ormandy
4. Louise Olsen
5. Stevie Fieldsend.

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