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Au Naturale | How To Nail Natural Looking Summer Hair

By Ange Law
22nd Sep 2016

Summer hair trends

Nailing natural looking summer hair has never been more within your reach than it is right now with our new favourite hair trend – babylights. It’s the magical micro highlighting technique that will transform your hair and help you delay your next salon visit (even more than usual) and when combined with hair contouring, you will be well on your way to nailing natural looking summer hair.  

We don’t pretend to be experts in the field of hair and beauty, which is why we picked the brains of the babylights masters at Franck Provost Paris. You can thank us (and them) later. 

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are super fine highlights that are placed through your hairline, around your face and at the ends of your hair to brighten and lighten your hair, just like the sun naturally would. As Virginie Gayssot, Head of Education and Talent Management at Franck Provost Paris, explained to us mere mortals, the goal is to recapture the naturally highlighted hair that children rock for free, courtesy of playing in the sunshine every day.

How Are They Done? 

The secret lies in the amount of hair in each foil, since babylights require a super fine micro weave to give the illusion of naturally lightened hair, according to Virginie. It may take a little bit of time to apply all of your delicate little babylights compared to the average half head of foils, but trust us (and them), the result is well worth it.

Take It Up A Notch

If you’re really committed to nailing natural looking summer hair (of course you are), then you should probably up your hair colour game by adding hair contouring into the babylights mix as well. While used alone, they are great, when combined, the effect is even more subtle, flattering and low maintenance #thedream. Franck Provost has its own signature contouring technique, Indian Sun, which is designed to give your face a makeover as well as your hair, with strategically placed highlights to accentuate your best features and make your skin glow. They’ll assess your face and find the perfect colour mix just for you, giving you the VIP treatment you so rightly deserve and getting you closer to ultimate summer hair goals with each foil.

Why We Love Them

The babylights effect is subtle because your natural colour will only be lightened by a couple of shades, so you will avoid the dreaded tiger stripes or obvious re-growth. Which brings us to our next point; it’s super low maintenance, which is music to any bottle blonde’s ears, no doubt. Virginie explains that while highlights are more intense on the roots and balayage is more intense on the lengths, combining both babylights and Indian Sun will give you a perfectly balanced (and personalised) look that is unique to you, so you can naturally shine in that magical happy middle.

Celebrities Who Are Rocking The Natural Look 

It is basically our life long dream to look as fabulous as Blake Lively and she rocks babylights and hair contouring, so it’s only logical that you could look exactly like Blake if you too, rock the two. Makes sense right? Other celebs who have #nailedit are Jessica Alba, Gisele Bündchen and Karlie Kloss. Talk about hair and life goals.

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Image credit: Franck Provost Paris

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