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OTT Avocado Burgers Have Finally Landed In Sydney!

By Ange Law
26th Sep 2017


We already knew that Avocado burgers existed in Australia, but now they’re in Sydney. Yep, all of a suddenly this week is looking up. We’re not talking about a bit (or even a lot) of avocado inside a burger. We’re talking about avocado burgers buns. As in, a whole freaking avocado cut in half and filled with things like flavour packed burger patties, chicken, salad and home made sauces. Talk about a treat for your taste buds.

These bad boys are hanging out at Preach Café in Bondi, which ICYMI, may just be Sydney’s most ‘grammable café. Their avocado burger is pretty damn out of control, piled high with grilled chicken, the King of Cheese (halloumi), crispy kale and a green herb sauce with pomegranate gems sprinkled over. 

It’s basically one big healthy flavour bomb, and if we’re honest, all of our dreams have just come true. 

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Image credit: Preach Café via Instagram

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