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Awkward Summer Beauty Problems Solved

By Rachel Stevenson
30th Jan 2017

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’ve all been victim to an awkward beauty issue in our time. We’re talking about a few pesky flakes of dandruff on your new black blazer, or when you finally whack on a pair of shorts in the summer to reveal what can only be described at yeti-like legs. 

Ladies (and gents) we hear you! Behold our foolproof guide to avoiding any and all of those awkward AF situations with these beauty hacks.

Fight Dandruff With Coconut Oil

The skin on your scalp is similar to that on your face and body, so it’s no surprise that it can get dry, itchy and begin to flake. The sensitive skin on your scalp needs to be moisturised, and guys coconut oil is the answer to all of your woes. Before you wash your locks, massage a few teaspoons of the oil into your scalp and leave for up to an hour. Not only will it leave your scalp soft and moisturised, it will leave the super scent of coconuts too. 

Say Bye Bye To Ingrown hairs

To put it simply, ingrown hairs are just the worst. Not only do they not look fab, they also hurt. A lot. That being said, there are some simple tricks you can follow to avoid these bad boys. Firstly only ever use a sharp razor (goodbye rusty old razor that’s been lingering in our shower a little bit too long). Secondly, ALWAYS exfoliate. This is a great way to get rid of any dead skin, which prevents the hairs breaking to the surface of your skin and in turn causes the hair to curl back under and become ingrown. Lastly team its time to invest in some shaving cream for a silky smooth result. And if this still doesn’t work? It’s time to ditch the razor and book in for a wax or laser.

Adios Excessive Sweating 

If you sweat at the drop of a hat—when a cute guy merely walks past, every time you go into a meeting with your boss, or after one (albeit hard) push up. Obviously a good deodorant goes a long way (thanks hadn’t thought of it) but if that’s still not working it might be time to switch up your diet. Some foods such as broccoli and cauliflower can contribute to body odour, but wait there’s more. Alcohol has also been known to speed up your sweat response. Other less controversial solutions include showering daily (duh!) and also shaving under arms. By removing the hair you allow the deodorant to get to your skin and sweat can evaporate faster. Finally, choose breathable fabrics when buying clothes, such as cotton.

Ugly Tan lines

A bad tan can really ruin your day, right? Opt for this little trick (we swear it works), just mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with squeezed lemon juice, until it becomes a paste. Then when showering, exfoliate the offending areas with the mixture. It works as the baking soda exfoliates, leaving skin super smooth and the lemon juice is naturally acidic, removing unwanted colour. 

Over-Plucked Eyebrows 

We all know big, bushy eyebrows are the way forward, but what happens when your trusted eyebrow threader gets a little over-zealous and leaves your looking like a bad 90s throwback? Don’t cry (just yet). First up use a brow growth serum to thicken your brows ASAP. Next, get yourself a good eyebrow pencil and draw those bad boys in. If all this fails, buy a big hat. 

Sun Burn Saviour 

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to wear sunscreen? Now that little lecture’s is over, drink lots of water, because you’re no doubt dehydrated after falling asleep on your inflatable unicorn. Now, how to cover it? Opt for a green concealer that will help cover the redness and a tinted moisturiser, closer to the colour of your tan, or deeper than your normal skin colour if you’re burnt. Also be sure to avoid any fragrances that might irritate your skin.

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Image Credit: Stocksy

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