Everyone Is Losing It Over This Tote Bag, Here’s Where You Can Buy It

By Jessica Best
27th Aug 2018


Ok people, here’s the deal. Frankly, we don’t know what’s funnier. The Parliamentary shenanigans that went on last week or Sydney-based managing director of Boxer & Co, Gwen Blake. Feeling a bit of “pls explain” coming on? We gotchu.

Gwen Blake is the mastermind behind this damn hilarious tote. Oh yes, the LOLs have been way too real across the socials today and this meme-turned-canvas bag is resonating only too well with issues around supermarkets banning (but then kind of not banning…) single-use plastic bags and the minor issue of yet ANOTHER PM being ousted from Parliament. What a time to be alive, people.

We think this bag is a stroke of genius; it’s contemporary art and it’s fashion at its finest, and you can grab this heavyweight canvas (which is only available until the end of this week) tote right here.

Plus, Australia just scored a brand new summer, hip-hop festival.

Image credit: Sans Sheriff

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