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Best Places To Avoid The Heat In Sydney

By Jessica Best
10th Jan 2017

best places to avoid the heat in sydney

If there’s one thing Australian’s do during a heat wave, it’s not cope and complain about it #straya.

We’ve done our time in the Aussie heat as kids. We’ve caked ourselves in zinc, scored ourselves a lovely Haviana tan, and done the barefoot death-run across burning concrete. We’ve eaten our body weight in coloured icy poles, face planted in one too many soap slides and all experienced the mandatory brain freeze from sculling down a milkshake a little too fast, all in the name of keeping cool.

Instead of being cooked alive this summer, our gift to you for surviving the summers of Sydney’s past—is an epic list of the best places to avoid the heat in Sydney. 

Go forth and chill the hell out Sydney!

Aquarium Penguin Exhibit 

When the heat strikes you’ll be searching high and low for a space that’s sub-zero in temperature, naturally. No doubt, you could stick your head in a freezer but let’s face it, you’d rather be chillin’ out Happy Feet style, right? Right. Hit up the seriously cool (literally) Penguin Exhibition at the Sydney Aquarium. The first of its kind, this exhibition will let you get face-to-flipper on a chain of boats along a river through the heart of the penguin colony. You can book your tickets here.

Beach Hopping

Hopping in summer? Hell no. Beach hopping in summer? Hell yeah. Every Sydney-sider knows that there’s no shortage of hidden beaches, harbour beaches or secret swimming spots in this glorious blue city of ours. So whilst we’re pretty spoilt on the beachfront, we’re not so spoilt on the comfortable-temperature front. Well, we can’t have everything.

Palace Cinemas

There’s no denying that sitting in a cinema is very well the closest we’ll ever get to the last ice age. And in summer, we’re all for freezing our toes off if that means no dodgy sunburn. And guys, they serve wine. That means you’ll get to sit back with a good movie at the Palace Cinema with a constant stream of aircon and a glass of rosè. That’s an adult summer done right. 


We’re not leaving anything out this summer. If you want to seriously cool down, this one’s for you. Cue Cryotherapy. We’re talking about freezing yourself. In a chamber. Stay with us. Give this state of the art therapy a try, using low temperatures to stimulate your body’s metabolism, boost your immune system and relieve stress. You’ll only need three minutes in this bad boy but we guarantee you’ll be ice cool afterward!

Penrith Whitewater Stadium

As much as we love a good swan and flamingo float in the pool, nothing beats the rush of a little bit of white-water rafting. Okay, A LOT of white-water rafting. But the best part is; you don’t even have to be relatively good at it to have fun (so that’s great for us un-co peeps). Beat the heat in this man-made white water course full of epic obstacles.

Intercontinental Rooftop Pool Bar 

#Treatyoself this summer in a 5-star hotel with 5-star views and let’s be honest, probably 5 cocktails to celebrate too. Set yourself up for a lazy day by the pool boasting panoramic views of Double Bay at the Intercontinental Rooftop Pool Bar. Hit up their bar menu for a charcuterie platter or one of their tasty BBQ pulled pork sliders—and not that you need anymore convincing, but they also serve up frosè. Just saying.

Manifesto At AGNSW

Bypass the annual Sydney meltdown and check out the incredible video installation by renowned German artist Julian Rosefeldt at the Art Gallery of NSW. The work presents some striking monologues with Cate Blanchett, created by editing and assembling a collage of artists’ manifestos. 

New Season, New Do

You might not be able to achieve sun-kissed locks naturally so hit up one of Sydney’s best hair colourists to give your tresses a summer touch up. On the one hand, you won’t have to experience the 25-degree-plus temperature, on the other, we can’t promise your hair won’t frizz the moment you step outside. Better pop some extra hairspray on that and check out these humidity hair hacks.

For when you can't avoid it and need to just embrace it, here are 26 Things To Do When It’s Hot AF In Sydney.

Image Credit: Sydney Aquarium

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