Bondi Is Getting A Second Bonditony’s!

By Ange Law
11th Oct 2016

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For weeks, our mate, Tony (of now infamous Bonditony’s) has been teasing us with the promise of a brand new burger joint in his beachside suburb of Bondi, because SurryHillstony’s just doesn’t have the same ring to it, sadly. 

It’ll occupy the space that once housed Bruce Leaves and it’ll be a sit-in restaurant with a strong customer-first focus. Yep, that means that deliveries and takeaways won’t be an option here, which is actually a good thing, because Tony wants to focus all of his love and attention on the good folks that settle in for a while with a good burger and brew. 

If you were one of the chumps standing next to us last summer, waiting for a table at Tony’s, you’ll know that this is a very (very) good thing. We can only imagine that the menu will be pretty similar, but maybe that’s because we would be devastated if he decided to ditch the Trippin’ Zeahorse at his new venue. 

Tony promises that his new restaurant will open in November, so stay tuned!

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Image credit: BondiTony's via Facebook

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