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Bottoms Up | 9 Of The Best Spring Cocktails In Sydney

By Angela Law
6th Sep 2016

Best Sydney cocktail bar

Spring is a time for shaking off the woollies and embracing our favourite fruity things, like rosé and cocktails. We can’t even wait and neither should you – tick off every single one of these spring cocktails before summer rolls around, we dare you (responsibly, of course). 

Aperol Spring Chandon Spritz at The Collaroy 


It’s only right that as the sun starts peaking through again, we head for the beach and at The Colloroy, they have an entire menu dedicated to the spring season and all of the delicious fruity-ness that comes with it. The Spring Fling Chandon Cocktail Menu has concoctions like an Aperol Spring Chandon Spritz, which is a grown up cocktail that appropriately mixes our dear Aperol Spritz with everyone’s beloved Chandon champagne. If you prefer sweet, then order the Chandon Cosmoplitan instead, for obvious reasons.  

Rose Bay at Bar Machiavelli 

Potts Point

If you haven’t yet gotten around to taking Bar Machiavelli for a test drive, then their spring-in-a-glass cocktail may be the excuse that you’ve been looking for. While it is always a good time for pasta, the warmer evenings cry out for cocktails instead of the beloved winter reds you’ve gotten used to ordering, and the team here are paying homage to one of their neighbours. The Rose Bay Cocktail is everything you want in a fruity (but not too sweet) cocktail. It’s a mix of Absolut Vodka, rosebud infused vermouth, Triple Sec, Lime and cranberry juice with a touch of egg white. 

Frosé at Pelicano 

Double Bay

We are more than a little bit excited about this cocktail. Mainly because, until recently, we didn’t even know it was a thing and suddenly we need it in our lives at least three times per day (we wish). Pelicano is answering our prayers and serving Frosé from the 23 September (that’s only two weeks week away) and it is quite literally a rosé slushie and we could cry with happiness. There will be two machines running so you can alternate between a sweeter, fruity cocktail, or keep it au naturale with a dryer glass. Can someone give these guys a medal for this one? A trophy? Hell, give them their own island already!

Green Fingers at O Bar 


The genius mixologists at O Bar thought it was a good idea to dedicate an entire menu to spring cocktails and we totally agree. The cocktails are organic and inspired by health, sourced from nature and producer driven. But just like choosing your favourite child, we had to pick one (you know it’s true) for you to all try out this spring, so here it is – the Green Fingers. Mixing crisp green apple and cardamom spice, this winner also features Mezcal, yuzu citrus marmalade, white pepper and agave nectar. They’re healthy – so we can drink more, right?

Strawberry Lemon Squash at Acre Eatery


Acre eatery doubles as an urban farm in Camperdown, so it’s only right that all of their cocktails are made from the fresher-than-fresh ingredients, straight from their garden, (and their spirit collection behind the bar), so you can’t really go wrong. For spring, our favourite is the Strawberry Lemon Smash, which is a blend of vodka, St. Germain, lemon, sage and strawberry. It even sounds like spring.

Smashion Passion Li’l Darlin 

Surry Hills

It is always time for cocktails at Li’l Darlin and on Friday and Saturday nights they are basically paying you to take them off their hands, charging only $10 a pop. Don’t let the bargain price trick you into thinking they aren’t high quality, because they absolutely are and the Smashion Passion has a cute name and a delicious spring flavour to match. To make this guy, they shake up some run and amaretto with passionfruit pulp and serve it with a fresh lemon twist. 

Spartan Rose at Beta 


Cocktails are supposed to make you feel a little bit special and if the bartender is doing their job properly, you should actually feel a whole lot of special. At Beta, they take their jobs very seriously and the Spartan Rose cocktail will win you over with its tough girl name, pretty rose petals and fruity punch. They’ve mixed vodka with creme de apricot, rosewater and lime juice before sprinkling it with dainty rose petals. If this won’t give you the warm and fuzzies, then we don’t know what will. 

Aphrospice by Lucky Suzie


Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to like sickly sweet cocktails if it just isn’t your thing, so for those who prefer something with a bit of zing, the Aphrospice should deliver the zesty goods. Lucky Suzie are known for their Malaysian fare, so it makes sense that the Aphrospice combines Ketel One Vodka with greater galangal, orange, lemongrass, kaffir lime and Aphrodite bitters. Sounds good to us. 

The Basil Gimlet at Vernon’s Bar

Summer Hill

The cocktails at Vernon’s Bar are cheeky, dapper and chill, just like the bar itself and for spring, they are delivering the spring cocktail goods in spades. We love when bars decide to do a little something different and as lovers of a basil gelato (yes, really), we are beyond stoked with The Basil Gimlet at Vernon’s. They describe it as fresh, punchy and crisp and since those are all of our favourite cocktail things, we’re sold!

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at acre eatery

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