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By Ange Law - 31 Jan 2018

brew and i sydney

Oh coffee. You sweet, sweet nectar. You already give me life, and my love for you runs real deep. So it makes sense that I was all kinds of there when I heard a little café called Brew & I existed in Sydney. What more could I want? No really, I’ll wait. 

The menu at Brew & I is concise and simple (just the way I like it), with one side dedicated to eats and the other to drinks. On the food front, you’re basically only choosing between pimped toast, a smoothie bowl or loaded brekky rolls. But when it comes to drinks, it’s all about brews (they even do a bullet brew), broths and smoothies. 

brew and i sydney

First things first, I headed into the café to order coffee. I might need a minute to choose what to chow down on first thing in the morning but coffee is never in question. Two soy flat whites ASAP thankyouverymuch. 

With that decision out of the way, I turned my attention to the food and (as always) I decided variety is the spice of life and ordered a couple of dishes...then forced my exceptionally patient partner to share with me. It’s okay, he’s used to it (like, really used to it). 

We ordered the MF shroom—this bad boy involves a large and meaty oven-roasted garlic mushroom on brown sourdough with all the toppings. Read: dill cashew cheese and chopped medley tomatoes and red onion. Just as it should be, the mushroom was a garlicky delight and the crispy sourdough stood up to the challenge of maintaining it’s crispness (that’s a word, right?) until I could shovel it into my gob. Not a single bit of sog in sight. 

brew and i sydney

Next was the avo toast, because I’m a millennial and do you think I could go to the northern beaches without ordering avo? You know me better than that by now. This one is a bit left of centre, which is great, because I was coming off the back of a Christmas break where I’d lived off nothing but (you guessed it) avo toast. This version is called sproutkast and it sees a giant hunk of smashed avo piled onto toasted brown sourdough, topped with crisp, crunchy sprouts, medley tomatoes and dill cashew cheese. It must be noted at this point that I hate dill almost as much as I hate coriander and bloody loved this cheese. No, really. 

Now if you’re feeling that #healthlife, then you can keep it ridiculously clean here...and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t. Between the bone broth sitting on the drinks menu, to the coconut kefir shots and smoothie bowl, you’ll be well catered for. Alternatively, order a doughnut by Butter Boy Bakes and the big ol’ ham and egg roll before, ahem, rolling home. 

brew and i sydney

This little hole-in-the-wall café is sitting on the main road-side of Dee Why, so if you’re not from the area, we recommend you head here on your way to the beach. If you are from the area, well, maybe you should settle in here more regularly. Just sayin’.

brew and i sydney

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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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