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There’s A Flashing Dance Floor On Top Of The Harbour Bridge

By Angela Law
16th Jun 2016

J Horan, Vivid Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Have you ever dreamt of dancing on a flashing 70s dance floor on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Yeah, we hadn’t either, but now that we know it’s a thing, we have to do it.

As part of the Vivid lights festival that is currently dousing the CBD in fluorescent light installations, the guys over at BridgeClimb thought it would be a fantastic idea to pop a multi-coloured flashing dance floor 134m above the festival, on top of the Harbour Bridge. And we must say, that we kind of agree. 

Imagine this: you’ve just schlepped up to the peak of Australia’s most famous landmark, only to be greeted by the fluorescently lit dance floor that will put you centre stage and visible to all of the jealous plebs wandering around below in Circular Quay and Darling Harbour. Not only is this the best vantage point to take in the harbour-side light installations, but it’s also the best way to be involved in the mayhem yourself since you will be rocking a special Vivid climb vest (complete with flashing lights). I mean, how many people can say that they partied on top of The Bridge? Not many, my friends. Not many.

There’s only one catch guys—since Vivid is wrapping up on the 18th June, you need to get in quickly so you don’t miss out on partying on top of our city. More info here

Image credit: J. Horan

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