Cafenome | The Verdict

By Ange Law
23rd Aug 2017


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and generally we’d agree. Everyone knows the best Mexican restaurants don’t look like much from outside and the same could be said for your favourite Thai place (you know the one).  

Cafenome is one of those places. Don’t get us wrong, once you walk through the door you’ll be sold, but to get there you’ll be parking up behind a main road in one of Sydney’s industrial areas. Like we said, trust us on this one.  


Hiding in plain sight, Cafenome is a coffee roaster, photography studio and café all rolled into one and we need you to know that they do all those things well. Damn well. I headed here on a crisp Saturday morning and settled in for the long haul (that’s just how I do brunch, okay), ordered a couple of flat whites before turning my attention to the menu. 

At Cafenome, it’s all about simplicity, from the minimalist Berlin-Tokyo fit out designed by owner and creative director Toni Veziris, to that menu I mentioned. The space is interesting and I absolutely mean that in a good way, with exposed beams, raw timbers and the metal roll-up door that hints to its previous life as a warehouse. There are even hidden little corners throughout the cafe for the more private bruncher (is that a thing?). I didn’t opt for one of the corners—I’m all about the people watching. 


The menu is fuss-free, or so it seems on first glance. But once your avo toast or sweet potato bowl is set on your table, you’ll realise that it’s much much more than that. The avo toast has two soft poached eggs sitting pretty on a pile of fresh sliced avo and a delish tomato and (you guessed it) avocado salsa with just enough zing. The sweet potato bowl is #healthgoals filled with black beans, crunchy pepitas and spinach on rice with avocado and cheeky pesto hiding somewhere in amongst it all. 

Other honourable mentions go to the banana and date porridge which could, if I’m being completely honest, feed an army or the rostada. To paint you a little picture, the rostada is a potato and onion rosti with fried sunny side up egg, avocado, sour cream, lime and paprika. It’s a twist on a classic and I’m into it. 


The coffee here is a winner, with beans by Coffee & Co Roasters who happen to be based right out of the café—you know it’s going to be fresh AF. Grab one while you eat, another to go and a bag of beans for home. Call me greedy, but that’s exactly what I did and I’ve been playing barista and making a perfect cup every morning since. 


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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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