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Central Just Scored Itself A Pop Up Juice Bar!

By Phoebe McRae
26th Feb 2018

Good news, guys: your morning commute is about to get a whole lot more bearable (slash delicious) because Central Station just scored itself a brand new pop-up juice bar. That’s right, no longer do you have to skip breakfast and drink dirty coffee in a hurry on your way to work—you can now get your mandatory morning energy hit with a side of health as soon as you get off the platform.

For two weeks only, V Energy is setting up V Fresh on the corner of Lee Street and Ambulance Avenue to serve you fresh-to-death fruity blends that include a natural hit of guarana. WTF is guarana, we hear you ask? Think a South American super berry that’s believed to have about a hundred times more energy than your daily cup of coffee. #Signusup.

Inspired by the seriously delish flavours and mojo-boosting properties of V Energy drinks, you’ll be able to treat yo’self to the Hustle (guarana, raw cacao, banana, hazelnuts, vanilla protein AND coconut water) or cleanse your body with the Zest Friends Shot (a fiery mix of guarana, lemon, agave syrup and cayenne pepper). The flavours will rotate weekly, but for those on the #cleaneating bandwagon, the Hail Kale (with guarana, cucumber, apple, kale, ginger and lemon) will make you feel like the saintly wellness warrior you always knew you were.

Ditch the caffeine and get glowing, people!

The Details

What: V Fresh
Where: Central Station, corner of Lee Street and Ambulance Avenue at Railway Square
When: Monday to Friday, 19 February – 9 March
Cost: Varies

Editor's Note: This article was produced in partnership with V Energy. To find out more about who we work with (and why!), read our editorial policy here

Image credit: Unsplash

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