Da Orazio Mozzarella Bar Opens In Bondi

By Sophie Hodge
11th May 2015

Image credit: Ellen Ji

If you’re searching for the best restaurant in Sydney to order cheese with a side of pizza, your prayers have been answered. Da Orazio’s Pizza + Porchetta has expanded their already thriving menu to include the only thing that it was missing: a big, fat ball of mozzarella. 

The expanded menu ensures that it lives up to being Sydney’s best Italian— offering full plates of the classic cheese or accompanied by delicious sides of fresh prosciutto, tomatoes or marinated vegetables. 

You can now order classic balls of buffalo mozzarella, or be adventurous and with the buffalo ricotta, which is baked in the wood-fired oven and oozed over a pizza bread base. Chef Orazio D’Elia sources his top-quality produce from suppliers who import from Naples, to make sure customers can enjoy the richness of true Italian cheese. 

If having a plate full of cheese is not tempting enough, the restaurant offers accompaniments of special wines to enhance your dining experience. Since opening its doors in Bondi in 2014, the addition of a new mozzarella bar is sure to keep customers guessing and coming back for more.

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