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Where To Find Actual Speculoos Doughnuts This Month

By Jessica Best
12th Sep 2018


Heads up, there’s a glorious and holy doughnut creation you absolutely need to jump onboard this September. The golden ring of all things delicious can be found at ye ol’ sweet stomping ground known to us as Donut Papi.

If you haven’t heard or tasted the life-changing cookie spread known to humankind as Speculoos, give us a moment while we throw up in our mouths. Okay done. 

But really, it may very well be the actual cookie glue of our generation and we can confirm it will absolutely bring you eternal happiness. To summarise, it tastes like Biscoff or Trader Joes cookie butter and we challenge you to find any person who doesn’t think this is the greatest flavour on the planet. And honestly, we couldn’t think of a better extension of its unparalleled greatness than doughnut form. 

These pops are only hanging around for a month at Donut Papi so we suggest your skrrt skrrt right over to their store in Redfern stat.

There's also a 90s-themed beer arcade popping up in Marrickville you should definitely know about.

Image credit: Donut Papi

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