Doughnut Delay | 12 Spots To Get Your Doughnut Fix In Sydney

By Sophie Hodge
12th Jun 2015

Whether you like them rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with jam or glazed with icing and covered in sprinkles, the humble doughnut satisfies all kinds. It takes you back to the good ol’ school days when having the fried, doughy treat was all it took to sweeten up your life. 

But boy oh boy have they grown since then! So, give your taste buds a field day and make your way to the best doughnuts in Sydney (although, doughnut eat them all in one day or you might just regret it tomorrow).



Because sometimes the Polish do it better, Wieczorkowski is offering Sydneysiders their take on the humble doughnut every weekend. Relish in the fried and glazed goodness of the Pączki that will transport you to Poland with fresh and authentic ingredients. With recipes handed down through generations, the array of cakes, pastries and other foodie delights are sure to give you a taste of Polish flair even if a doughnut isn’t on your mind (although, after reading this how could you not have a doughnut craving?).

Glazed Doughnuts

Multiple Locations

Americans have this doughnut thing down pat, and lucky for us Aussies we don’t have to miss out on the fun because Glazed Doughnuts have brought a little of that American pizzazz to Sydney. Each flavour is hand crafted with a unique twist, putting all your previous doughnut indulgences to shame. You can order them in boxes of 12 or 24 and they even do deliveries for your convenience, or you can just head to Bondi Markets on Saturdays.



Taking #foodporn to a whole new level is Smalltown. This Avalon café will never disappoint with their daily doughnut specialties that are crafted so beautifully that they look nearly too good to eat (but don’t worry, we’ll eat them anyway). We’re talking white chocolate and hibiscus flavoured doughnuts flawlessly coated with icing and decorated with individual petals. Yum! 

Brewtown Newtown


If normal doughnuts aren’t hitting the spot for you, maybe it’s time to head to Brewtown. This Newtown sweet spot is home to all kinds of creations—from Cherry Ripe doughnuts to strawberry and marshmallow delights. Not to mention that it’s home to the original Sydney Brewnut: an Aussie twist on the NYC Cronut (a carby indulgence of croissant pastry and doughnut mixture for those of you who aren’t up-to-scratch with your doughnut lingo). Enjoy it with one of their specialty coffees with beans sourced from South America to put the cherry on top of your day.

The Chef And The Barista 

Neutral Bay

If you’re a sucker for all things sweet, you need to head this Neutral Bay café. They serve up the finest quality dough filled with the ultimate foodie fave… Nutella. Also on the menu is an assortment of cronuts that will keep you on a sugar high long after you’ve left (in the best way possible). So, what are you waiting for? We assure you that Nutella tastes even better when it’s encased in a doughy, sugary roll at The Chef And The Barista.

Milk Bar By Café Ish


Passionfruit, Glazed Blueberry and Peach Custard are just some of the tastes that will cure your doughnut craving at Milk Bar. Each one you eat will prove better than the last, making it hard to stop coming back for more. Accompanying their doughnuts are classic shakes and sundaes so you can relive your childhood through an afternoon snack (perfect for the nostalgic kinds out there). 

The Cook and Baker

Bondi Junction

Sweetening up the Eastern Suburbs is the Cook and the Baker. They’ve got the one of the best classic jam doughnuts in Sydney: brioche dough filled with house-made raspberry jam and vanilla custard, lightened with whipped cream—a sweet-filled circle of goodness, if you will. It’s this timeless classic that keeps customers loyal and certainly has our taste buds excited. 


If all this doughnut talk has you sad because gluten and sugar don’t agree with you, never fear because Noshu has created the ultimate version of our favourite round dessert. They’re made with all natural ingredients that certainly don’t disrupt the taste. Head to AboutLife to try their dark chocolate and raspberry doughnut if you’re in the mood for a chocolate fix, or pick up a box of their specialty banana and coconut. It’s all the love a normal doughnut can offer, minus the guilt—we’re in. 

Grumpy Donuts

Despite the name, you won’t be grumpy after you try one (or five) of Grumpy’s delicious hand-made doughnuts. We’re fond of the Maple Brown Sugar, and sometimes the Choc Oreo Peanut Butter when we’re in the mood for indulging. You can find them in store in a few lucky cafés like Bread & Butter in Cremorne, but otherwise order online for a doughnut experience that you’ll never forget. Note: they also cater events so you can share the love with your guests.

Speedo’s Café

North Bondi

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier than budgie smugglers on Bondi, then take cover in Speedo’s and dig into a Cronut on weekends. Their long list of flavours is sure to satisfy even the weirdest of cravings—choose from Oreo and Nutella, Popcorn and Salted Caramel or maybe Maple and Crispy Bacon. Follow it with one of their delicious smoothie or juice blends, because that’ll even out the doughnut indulgence, right? 

Devon on Danks


Nothing says ‘eat me’ like Bacon Caramel Doughnuts, especially when they come from one of our favourite cafes in Sydney. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a bite of their Matcha Red Bean and Black Sesame Cronut—believe us when we say it’s a sugary puff of heaven. 

The Grounds of Alexandria 


Not only do The Grounds have one of the tastiest looking Instagram feeds, they also have some of the yummiest doughnuts. These doughy delights are filled with Nutella or jam and will make all your doughnut dreams come true. They make them in house every day so you’ve got no excuse not to indulge in one of them, especially if you’re lucky enough to snag a warm one. Note: there’s no rules against having doughnuts for breakfast if they’re this good. 

Image credit: Alessandro Squadrito at Brewtown Newtown

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