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Forget Mermaid Pools & Check Out This Under The Radar Spot

By Jessica Best
4th Dec 2017

By now, you’ve ticked off Mermaid Pools and crossed Wattamolla lagoon off your adventure bucket list. So, in true Urban List fashion, we’re delivering your next hidden getaway on a silver platter—we’re good like that. This is where you’ll be spending the warmer days of the year and guys and it’s one helluva glorious swimming hole (because we know you love those).

Say CYA to the bustling crowds of budgie smuggler-infested Sydney beaches and hello to the magical landing of the South West Arm Pool. This gem is tucked inside the Royal National Park and if you’ve got a thing for rope swings, cliff jumps, rocks to sunbake on, lush forest and just generally the bluest water ever, we reckon you’re going to absolutely love this lil’ cracker of a place. You’re already sold, aren’t you?

How To Get There:

You’ll want to Google Map your way to the Royal National Park (is there any other way?) and then make sure to take a left onto Warumbul Road once you’re inside. From here, keep rolling on until you get to the Winifred Fire Trail which is where you’ll want to park up your wheels and start by foot to the South West Arm Pool.

You’ll hit Winifred Falls first but the true swimming mecca is another few hundred metres downstream and you wouldn't want to be the chump that misses it. And just so you know—you can totally bring a blow-up flamingo to float around in. Yeah, we’ve totally got you and your Insta’ feed’s back. Obviously. 

Just keep swimming! Here are 6 of Sydney's best ocean pools. 

Image credit: Joel Steinmann

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