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How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

By Bree Nowland
5th Feb 2016

You know those people that ALWAYS smell amazing? We all want to be one of those people. Some beauty trends might not be for everyone, smelling great however—well, that’s universal. Mary Hayward, the National Training Manager for Coty (who trains all the lovely ladies and gents behind the counters of fragrance brands including Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Chloe, Miu Miu and more) explains that the question of “why doesn’t fragrance last on my skin?” is one of the most commonly asked questions of all consumers.

With summer in full swing and the social season well and truly upon us, there’s just so much time for activities (brunch, beach, bar, repeat)… which makes it quite the challenge to maintain your scent du jour from AM to PM. There’s nothing worse than finding (and investing serious dollars) in your signature scent only to find that it’s basically nonexistent by your second coffee of the morning. Avoid having to carry your favourite fragrance with you everywhere or spritzing 97 times a day and wasting that precious liquid by following our tricks to make your fragrance last longer.

Know the difference between EDT and EDP

Know the type of fragrance you are spritzing on each morning, an Eau de Toilette (EDT) is designed to be sprayed on and refreshed throughout the day While an Eau de Parfum (EDP) has a higher oil content and is designed to last around eight hours. While an EDP is usually a little pricier, it’s actually designed to last two to three times longer than your EDT, making it well worth the investment.

If you’ve already found your signature scent in an EDT, try layering it with Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 (available at MECCA), a cult-favourite, one of a kind fragrance that contains an ingredient called Iso E Super, which will not only enhance the notes in your fragrance, but will increase its longevity. Like magic!

Know your notes

Check the base notes of your favourite fragrance (a quick Google search will tell you if you’re not sure). Fragrances that are comprised of citrus or light floral notes are generally lighter fragrances. Need a fragrance with staying power? Look for scents that have base notes of spices, resins and wood. 

Try Tom Ford’s Santal Blush or Jasmin Rouge—both are scents with serious lasting power thanks to their base notes.

Don’t forget to moisturise!

Fragrance not staying on your skin? It might be because your skin is too dry! Mary Hayward explains that “our skin’s PH level contributes to how long our fragrance will last… when fragrance has a surface to hold to, it will last longer throughout the day”. Opt for a fragrance that has a complementing body lotion to act as a primer to your fragrance. Alternatively, apply a non-scented lotion to your body prior to applying your fragrance, giving it a base to “adhere” to (some fragrance aficionados even suggest applying Vaseline to your pulse points prior to applying your perfume/cologne).

Check that you’re not spritzing at the wrong time

So many of us “spot spray”—AKA spritz our fragrance onto our neck and wrists after we’re fully dressed and ready to run out of the door. WE ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG, PEOPLE! You should apply your fragrance before you get dressed, ideally when you have first stepped out of the shower (right after moisturising while your skin is still warm), as the pores of your skin are slightly open and ready to absorb your fragrance.

Avoid rubbing or dabbing

How many of you are guilty of spraying on your fragrance of choice and then dabbing it? Think spritzing onto your wrists and then rubbing them together. This breaks down the fragrance and makes it diminish that much faster. Instead, if you’ve sprayed on too much fragrance or just a serial fragrance-dabber, simply wait a moment for a fragrance to seep into your skin… instant scent-extender.

Image credit: Jo Malone

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