A Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale Is Coming To Sydney

By Sarah Hilton - 23 Feb 2018


Sydney is officially getting another indoor plant party (AKA a massive warehouse sale) and for reals, it's the plant sale to end all plant sales (um, again). Grab all your mates because The Jungle Collective has loaded up the truck and are heading up from Melbourne to show us, once again, that indoor plants are cool. Like really, really cool. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

If you think you read wrong, this really is an indoor-indoor-pot-plant-sale (repeated indoor on purpose). Held at a secret location in Sydney’s inner city, you’ll find plants left, right and centre of all sizes and you’ll be shopping up a storm to the soundtrack of tropical tunes. 

If you didn’t already know, this is a MEGA mega sale so you’ll, no doubt, see a green blur of goodies bustling out the door before you know it (so we suggest getting in early). If you’re a bit of an “oh I forgot to water my plant so it died” kind of person (guilty) they’re even bringing in an on-site horticulturist who can teach how to care for your new tropical pet. There’s really no excuses now #soznotsoz.

The prices are cheap but your house will look ultraaaa expensive with these potties so it's time to fool your friends into thinking you’ve got your life together—at least for a little while. 

PS If own a onesie (‘cause who doesn’t?) then wear it! You get $5 off your purchase and some mad respect from other visitors. Just make sure you head here and register for a time slot.

More info here.

The Details

What: Rumble In The Jungle, Indoor Plant Party
When: 3 March, 8am – 4pm
Where: A New Secret Location
Cost: plant costs vary

Meanwhile, you can now do yoga on the Opera House steps

Image credit: via Unsplash

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