Japan’s Insta-Famous Giant Pancakes Are Here!

By Simone Jovel - 21 Jul 2017

japanese souffle pancake harajuku gyooza

ICYMI what your life needs right now are giant Japanese soufflé pancakes. Tokyo’s famous pancake cake was all but a faraway dream for Sydney bellies—until now. 

The legends over at Harajuku Gyoza, yes the same ones behind the Nutella gyoza, are turning our foodie dreams into one delicious reality, bringing the fluffiest pancakes you could ever hope to wrap your laughing gear around to Sydney IRL. 

Combining a meringue mixture that’s cooked to perfection for 12 minutes, to create fluffy AF (not to mention tall) deliciousness. Pair them with a side of Nutella sauce (we know), a big ol’ dollop of cream and some fresh banana (because health) and maple syrup for good measure.

BYO your best pair of stretchy pants down to the Potts Point local from 5pm on Wednesday 26 July, but they’ll only be here for 5 weeks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

While you're at it here are some more desserts to try.

Image credit: Harakjuku Gyoza

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