Korean Mac ‘N’ Cheese Exists In Sydney

By Ange Law
20th Nov 2017


In today’s ‘we didn’t know we needed this in our life but abso-freaking-lutely do’ news—Korean mac ‘n’ cheese exists. And it’ll come as no surprise that we want need seven bowls to save us from this rainy AF Monday. 

It’s all thanks to the fresh menu by Chef’s Gallery where a bunch of fusion and extra old-school dishes have been added. We know at this point you’re wondering what Korean mac ‘n’ cheese is, so we’ll paint you a delicious little picture. This little number involves three different types of cheese—mozzarella, grano Padano and cheddar—plus massive flavour bombs like sambal, Korean chilli flakes with rice cake, sweet corn and butter.

We know it’s a lot, but we still think you need this all up in yo’ belly. Like, right now. 

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Image credit: Chef's Gallery

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