Live Like A Caveman – Top Primal Things To Do In Sydney

By Alison Sims
16th Apr 2015

It’s the newest novelty to hit the weekend agenda – eating, drinking and playing like a caveman. Sydney is fast becoming a haven for those who prefer to keep things natural. Here are our top picks for eating clean, buying organic and enjoying primal play in the city.

Eat like a caveman

Caveman Feast

For the ultimate in paleo food in Sydney, head to The Meat and Wine Co in two locations in the city. Enjoy a banquet of premium meats such as biltong (dried beef), kangaroo steaks (the ultimate wild native meat) or something from the paddock selection such as free-range, pasture-raised rump.

Healthy High Tea

Tempt your tastebuds with the cleanest and healthiest high tea in Sydney at Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore. Enjoy a banquet of savoury and sweet (sugar-free) treats that would leave any caveman salivating for more. All ingredients are completely natural and everything is raw, vegan and paleo. The perfect way to spend an afternoon, but be sure to pack your appetite and leave room for dessert!

Looking for more paleo friendly restaurants in Sydney? Head here!

Drink like a caveman 

Bone Broth

The Bondi Health Emporium is Sydney’s first eatery to offer cups of hot chicken bone broth. This super hydrating winter warmer will leave you feeling full of energy. Also home to some of Sydney’s best selections of superfood smoothies and raw treats, grab a broth or bite on the run and take a walk down to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches.

Kombucha – fermented tea

Dubbed the ‘tea of immortality’, one cup of kombucha tea is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling run down. It’s a natural probiotic, and Kombucha Bar & Art-Food-Medicine Collaboratory in Leichhardt are now serving their Ballsy Wild Kombucha tea on tap. If you haven’t yet tried it, grab a friend and go on an excursion to enjoy a pot of this natural health tonic.

Play like a caveman

Team Tarzan Training

‘Train the beast’ with Team Tarzan and attend a primal movement class. Choose from Warrior Training, Tarzan Running, Monkey Magic, or Animal Bootcamp. They are fun and incorporate strength, speed, power, skill and endurance so you can unleash the beast that lies within you.

Natural Movement Classes

Find your inner child with Tengeri Natural Fitness classes at Bronte Beach. Saturdays from 8:30am, enjoy an hour of primal play and re-learn how to do handstands, cartwheels, crawling, jumping, climbing, hanging and balancing. Anything could happen –  it’s all part of the fun!

Hunt and gather like a caveman

Cow share

Share a cow and enjoy ethical, grass-fed meat with nothing wasted. The closest thing to hunting your own meat, team up with some friends and buy an entire animal. Grass Roots Urban Butchery (GRUB) in Vaucluse has teamed up with Optimoz (Australia’s premier online store for primal health products) to bring Sydney-siders the best quality grass-fed meat available at a fraction of the price. Visit the website for more details.

Organic market shop

Visit the Orange Grove Organic Markets at a number of locations around Sydney and fill your fridge and pantry with the freshest and healthiest ingredients from local organic farms. Enjoy the benefits of eating chemical-free food from sustainable and local producers and taste the difference! Visit the website for market times and locations around Sydney.

TUL Note: Passionate about real food and healthy living, Alison Sims is the founder of Paleo Foodies. She is on a mission to discover the very best paleo food and dining in Australia and around the world. Before becoming a full time foodie, Alison spent 10 years working in Advertising and Marketing. Working with talented and creative minds has provided her with the skills, knowledge and above all a formidable drive to follow her dream and share her passion in a way that inspires others. Join the conversation via the Paleo Foodies Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

Image credit: Meat & Wine Co

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