Loaded Chiko Rolls Have Landed In Sydney

By Simone Jovel
31st Jan 2017

loaded chiko rolls sydney

If you grew up in Australia, you’ve grown up with the Chiko Roll. This crunchy tube of deliciousness is loved (and sometimes loathed) the country over. Which is why when we saw loaded Chiko Rolls had officially landed in Sydney we naturally had to find out all about it.

Behold the loaded Chiko Roll from Bar Luca—everything you’d expect from a Chiko, finished with chicken salt, liquid cheese (this will be good), jalapeños (you officially have our attention) and bacon. 

Now, the million-dollar question is just how much this tube of calorie-filled goodness will set you back? For just 7 big ones this deep fried beauty is all yours. One thing’s for sure; today is officially your cheat day.

Loaded Chiko Rolls are available until Sunday 5 February at Bar Luca.

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Image credit: Bar Luca

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