Luxe Newtown Lights Up At Night

By Zo Zhou
14th Jul 2015

When I heard one of Sydney’s best bakeries was dimming the lights and joining the Newtown restaurant scene, I could not get there fast enough (and no, it’s not because I hadn’t had my croissant fix for the day). 

From the minute I walked in the door, I felt like I’d arrived at an old friend’s place. You know, that friend who casually cooks you dinner with their sous vide something-a-rather, then makes ice cream from scratch for dessert? Yep, that friend.

Well, now you can finally give that friend a break and take them along to enjoy someone else’s cooking at Luxe Newtown. Chef Cameron Coombes has come from Miss Peaches to serve up home-style dining which says, “I just whipped this up, but it’s going to blow your mind.” 

To start, some complimentary Luxe bread is brought to the table (which is kind of to be expected considering we are at a bakery). It’s the end of the day, but the bread is wonderful with the olive oil and balsamic. But fill up on bread we must not, so we exercise restraint while waiting for the main event.

The duck and porcini ravioli arrive, with an aromatic burnt sage butter sauce that reassures you before the plate even hits the table. Every bite is A-grade, all-caps-worthy, pure indulgence. The pasta has just enough bite, but the filling is the absolute star. Even my friend who I tease about not liking gamier meats gets total meal envy, and agrees it has won her over. 

The quattro formaggi gnocchi is similarly rich, but so much so that it’s a bit of a struggle to finish. This is especially true if you’re feeling greedy and order the potato gratin as a side (it was a cold winter’s day, don’t judge). Our crisp rosé was the only thing staving off a carb coma at this point. 

Finally, the desserts arrive, and our second stomachs diligently kick in to make room. The crème brûlée and chocolate mousse were worthy companions to a meal that had me smugly patting my belly. We were both secretly a little pleased they didn’t feel the need to add something wacky for the sake of being wacky. The silky mousse came with fresh raspberries and hazelnut praline, which delivered on their promise of being perfect palate partners. 

Before we say our goodbyes, I basically beg Cameron to keep the ravioli on the menu, but he’s committed to keeping the menu changing to keep things interesting. We also bond over Luxe’s approach to ingredients—organic veg, with meat sustainably sourced from Feather and Bone, and some sniffing around local market gardens. There are plans for passata and pasta to be sold in the shop, so you might be able to finally impress that cooking friend of yours in return. 

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Image credit: gingerbreadPHOTOGRAPHY at Luxe Newtown

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