Grab The Chopsticks, This Japanese Joint Is Dishing Out Mac ‘N’ Cheese Gyoza

By Ranyhyn Laine
26th Feb 2020

Mac n cheese gyoza

Just when you thought gyoza couldn’t get any better, Harajuku Gyoza goes and drops a mac ‘n’ cheese-filled version. 

That’s right, our favourite quirky Japanese spot, well known for its Nutella dumplings and insanely Instagrammable specials (think raindrop cakes and jiggly souffle pancakes), has gone and given gyoza a sumo-worthy dude food makeover.

Mac ‘n’ cheese stuffed parcels aren’t the only crazy flavour either—you can go and stick your chopsticks into pepperoni pizza, buffalo chicken wing, cheeseburger and super-stretchy mozzarella stuffed fried gyoza. Sounds like it’s time for a gyoza degustation to us—just point us in the direction of the soy sauce.

These little pockets of joy are available in all Harajuku Gyoza eateries from Thursday 5 March for $10 per serving (5pcs). But you better be quick as they're only on the menu for a limited time. 

So do yourself and your taste buds a favour and give them a try—or you know, just stick to the regular kind, which are equally delicious. 


What: Mac ‘n’ cheese dumplings
When: From Thursday 5 March 
Where: Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point and Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium, Darling Harbour 

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Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza

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