Spice Up Your Life | Masala Theory The Verdict

By Phoebe McRae
28th Jun 2017

There’s something about Indian food. From mango lassis, to melt in your mouth naan, to crispy pappadums and spicy AF curries, it’ll come as no surprise that Indian food is one of my all time fave winter warmers. So when I found out about Masala Theory in Surry Hills, I knew instantly that I had to check it out.

Tucked away in a terrace on Crown Street, Masala Theory is modern Indian at it’s best. With colourful décor adorning the walls, including a life-size neon pink bike, cheeky framed Indian phrases and huge art murals; it’s the kind of place you want to seat yourself at all day.

The staff is full of recommendations and a word of advice—you need to trust them. To start, they convinced me to order the beetroot Poriyal (a mix of beetroot, mustard seeds, chillies, lentils and coconut) that I could have eaten by the kilo, the wada pav, which is basically a spiced potato dumpling in a mini burger served with garlic-chilli and mint chutney, and the masala dosa.

WTF is a masala dosa, I hear you ask? Think rice and lentil pancakes stuffed with hot spiced potatoes that you dip into a lentil broth and smother with allllll of the coconut chutney as your loosen your belt. Yes, it really is that delicious.

After a break (I seriously needed one), I dove into the always delicious butter chicken (you can’t go to an Indian restaurant and not order butter chicken, amirite?) with a side of cheese chilli coriander naan. This bad boy was hot, creamy and full of flavour, making it worth every calorie. Like always.

With encouragement from the staff, I somehow found more room in my belly for the chef’s special, the famous salli boti (think goat curry). Based on a combo of cardamom, cinnamon and onion-tomato gravy, it was well worth the food coma I suffered for the three days that followed.

Perfect for a rowdy dinner or casual (and potentially awkward) first date, Masala Theory is never a bad idea. Wear your stretchiest stretchy pants and prepare yourself for a full on feast.

Did we mention its BYO?

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Image credit Caitlin Hicks | Design credit: Sahra Martin

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