21 Things You Should Never Say To A North Shore Local

By Anna May
28th Nov 2017


Good old North Shore. Whether you’re convinced it begins at the bottom of The Spit Bridge and ends at the empty bit of The Pacific Highway, or you’re more of a “come one, come all” person, we can all agree that there are things that will grind our gears. And not just because someone refuses to turn right. Stick to this list and you’ll never get a breton-clad elbow to the face. 

Side note: regarding number 14. It will always be Chookas. Chookas 4 Lyf. Put that on my gravestone. 

  1. “There won’t be a line at The Boathouse, don’t worry.”
  2. “I know you’re in a rush, and Military Road is definitely quicker at this time of day.”
  3. “Christmas Eve at The Greengate will be so relaxing.”
  4. “Want to talk about the time(s) you vomited behind a tree at Blues Point on New Year's Eve? It will be fun!”
  5. “You get way too stressed about parking. It’s not that hard.”
  6. “There just aren’t enough strollers in Lane Cove, you know?”
  7. “St Ives? Are you serious? Don’t you need a passport to get there? Hahahahaha.”
  8. “The coffee at Incinerator is sub-standard. Might as well go to Gloria Jeans.”
  9. “No, you absolutely cannot wear your activewear to brunch, Penelope.”
  10. “The piano man at Minsky’s is so shit.”
  11. “And I really think Maisy’s is overrated. Don’t you?”
  12. “Your Country Road bag is looking a little shabby, doll.”
  13. “Mosman Chargrill Charlie’s and Neutral Bay are the same, really.”
  14. “And I’m so glad no-one calls it Chooka’s anymore.”
  15. “Mate, the North Sydney Bears are better off dead.”
  16. "It’s supposed to be 32 degrees on Saturday, shall we go to Taronga Zoo?”
  17. “Beach sounds great, but my girlfriend has the car. Let’s just L90 it.”
  18. “I’d love to take you out for a drink…. How about Greenwood?”
  19. “Chatswood won’t be crowded, it’s the last day of school holidays. They’ll all be at home.”
  20. “We’re too old to be walking through the drive thru at Cremorne Macca’s. You know that.”
  21. “The Crowie is lame. Always has been.”

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Chargrill Charlie's | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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