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Bring On The Brisket, This Smokehouse Is Doing Bottomless BBQ

By Jessica Best
13th Mar 2019

“Meat March” is no light affair at Nola Smokehouse and Bar. Inspired by the juicy flavours of New Orleans, these guys are throwing up an all-you-can-eat meat feast every Monday and let’s just say, if you’re the first to go all-in on the BBQ every other day, you’ll want to get around this one.

For lunch and dinner, you can score a bottomless meat feast at Nola: sink your teeth into the likes of Rangers Valley Black Onyx brisket, slow roast pork shoulder, organic smoked and blackened chicken, BBQ lamb and housemade Andouille sausage, all served up with relishes and a side each.

Come Monday night, the go is that you’ll haul ass into Nola, kick off with a shared Pit-Masters Pick plate of meats and continue to order as much meat as your stomach desires (in 50g servings).

Head here for more details.

The Details

What: Meat March @ Nola
When: Monday 18 and Monday 25 March
Where: Nola Smokehouse And Bar
Cost: $49 per person

This late-night bar is hosting Mario Kart tournaments.

Image cost: Supplied.

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