Nutella Doughnut Cone Ice Creams Are Here

By Simone Jovel
4th Jul 2017

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ICYMI you guys are kind of obsessed with Nutella. And doughnuts. Aaaaaaaand (obviously) ice cream has always been bae. So when the geniuses over at Tella Balls decided to combine the three (say whaaaaat?!) we just had to let you guys know.

Behold the Nutella dipped doughnut cone filled with (you guessed it) Nutella ice cream.

It’s no secret just how excited you get about this hazelnut-y goodness, and that you all lost your collective shit over doughnut fries, so Sydneysiders your #welcomeAF.

You’ll find Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Dulwich Hill—run, don’t walk.

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Image credit: jess.xv.v via Instagram

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