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Om Point | The Best Health RetreatsĀ In NSW

By Ally Parker
31st Jan 2017

Pack your bags and centre your chakra, we’re hitting health retreats like they’re going out of style. Formally of the hoity-toity persuasion, retreats are now more accessible than ever so prepare to have a Don Draper moment of clarity, pretzel like a BOSS and find yourself.

Billabong Retreat


One for the “I’ll go but only if it’s close” gang, Billabong Retreat in Maraylya (a cool 45 minutes from Sydney) offers an ecologically conscious range of escapes filled with yoga, mindfulness, meditation and more. Need a little pampering? Billabong host massages, facials and services like reiki, kinesiology and hypnotherapy. All meals are local, seasonal and organic thanks to owner Paul von Bergen. In fact, we could practically write a whole post on the food alone; it’s that beautiful. Prepare to be one of those people who get macro bowls.

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre

Blue Mountains

We’re calling it, meditation is underrated. Sitting still and doing nothing all day aka everyone’s favourite thing ever? Where do we sign up? Okay, maybe it’s a little more than that, but you try and get away with that on a work day. Specialising in spiritual learning, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre is the place to go when your inner self needs a little love. Run largely by volunteers and Brahma Kumaris, events at this centre are free of charge but financial assistance from participants is always welcome. Community meditation is held every Wednesday, so make sure you clear your schedule and book a retreat around this day.

Bondi Yoga House


Specialising in the pop-up retreat, Bondi Yoga House is the wellness trip for the modern guy/gal.  Whether you’re in it for a day escape, weekend retreat or stay-cation, you’ll be sure to find something to sooth. Activities include cooking classes, yoga, meditation, and creative workshops. You can even tailor your own retreat (thrice daily naps anyone?). Sick of the same 5pm drinks at the bar across the road? Bondi Yoga House also offer team building days and leadership retreats. Cheers and namaste. 

Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa

Hunter Valley

Thought the Hunter Valley was all about wine? Think again. At Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa you’ll begin the day with early morning meditation (you’d have missed out if wine gulping tasting the day before) before partaking in a range of seminars and activities like exercise classes (spin, interval, Zumba) as well as yoga and meditation. Coming out on top in the fluffy robe department, Golden Doors’ Spa Elysia offer massages, steam rooms, body treatments and facials. We’d also like to announce that we’ve found our future and its Spa Elysia’s Vichy shower rooms. If you’re unsure what this is, Google it, and discover your true calling. 

Gaia Retreat & Spa

Byron Bay

Co-owned by Olivia Newton John, Gaia is environmentally conscious to a ‘T’ and the epitome of luxurious relaxation. You’ll never want to leave. Seriously. Nurture your body with wholesome meals, yoga, pools and exercise facilities. Nurture your mind with meditation, workshops and expansive grounds. Finally, nurture your inner “Yes, I am Beyoncé” feelings with an abundance of spa experiences including 15 different massages, facials (using Gaia’s certified organic skin care range), body, scalp and steam treatments, naturopathic consultations, cupping and reiki and…. We need to get to Byron. Stat.

Solar Springs Retreat


Located in the Southern Highlands, overlooking Morton National Park, Solar Springs is a classic retreat, the kind you close your eyes and dream of while suffering through another meeting that could have been an email. Enjoy therapeutic treatments aimed at mind, body and soul with facials, massages, yoga, exercise programs (Aquafit, archery, bushwalks) and seminars dealing in naturopathy and life coaching. We don’t know about you, but nama-stay here as long as we can.

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa

Blue Mountains

Lilianfels is notorious in the land of pampering and for very good reason. While we’ve all taken a drive up to Katoomba, a foggy glimpse at three big rocks has nothing on this spa retreat. Enjoy the crème de la crème of massage treatments (hello volcanic stone therapy!), personalised facials/peels and Lilianfels’ signature ginger renewal body treatment. We never really understood the word ‘haven’ until we came here (or #soblessed for that matter).

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Image Credit: Billabong Retreat

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