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By Sophia Fukunishi
29th Sep 2014

We're clearly food lovers, here at The Urban List. In our office, you'll often find us in heated debates on what the best restaurants in Sydney are, what meal would be our last, and what we should eat when we're hungover (which never ever ever happens on a work day…).

We know that you guys are into food, too (that's why we love you), so decided to get together a list of our faves. To say this wasn't easy, is the understatement of the century. There were arguments, tears, and tantrums, but we got there in the end, with friendships (mostly in tact). 

So, without further ado, here are our Sydney team's picks for their go-to meals in some of the best restaurants in Sydney. (Please note, these are in no particular order and are subject to change based on mood, day of the week, and the weather.)

We love:

  1. Getting your burger on with the insanely delicious Mary's burger at Mary's
  2. The soul satisfying tsukemen (dipping noodles) at Ramen Zundo in World Square
  3. Sharing a classic margarita pizza with friends at Napoli Nel Cuore
  4. Taking a bite of the wonderfully cheap pork banh mi at Marrickville Pork Roll
  5. Eating a whole a bowl of nachos from The Norfolk 
  6. The pork buns with braised pork and special sauce at Ippudo
  7. The crispy skin chicken bún from Pho Pasteur in Haymarket
  8. Downing a pork and fennel sausage roll at the ever popular Bourke Street Bakery
  9. The most-excellent-way-to-start-the-day green brekkie bowl from Porch and Parlour 
  10. That Classic Crackles roll served with crisp skinned roasted pork (with extra crackling) from Mr Crackles. (Ed note: This tastes even better at 2am.)
  11. Getting porky with Hemingway's crispy pork belly
  12. Going all-in on cured meats from Salts Meats Cheese
  13. Trying not to fill up on the delicious coconut fried rice at Phamish 
  14. Getting stuck into the Three Shot Chicken from Spice Temple
  15. The gnocchi with buffalo ricotta, pea and asparagus from Café Sydney (and the views don't hurt either)
  16. Finishing off dinner with the chocolate, honeycomb, and vanilla sphere dessert from Gastro Park
  17. Wearing a bib and getting messy with the king crab legs at House Of Crabs
  18. The everybody-shut-up-and-give-us-the-spring-onion-fried-chicken from The Sparrow's Mill
  19. The to-die-for saganaki cheese and home-made taramasalata from Apollo
  20. Carb-loading with the pappardelle with duck ragu at Il Baretto
  21. The whole lamb shoulder pie that's slow-cooked on the bone from Efendy
  22. Getting a half chicken meal with that AMAZING garlic sauce from El Jannah in Granville
  23. Delicious ribs with monkey glaze sauce (not made from actual monkeys) from Hurricane's Grill
  24. The slow-cooked lamb shoulder ragu with orecchiette pasta from Buffalo Dining Club
  25. Everything on the brunch menu at Pinbone but specifically the fregola with creamed corn, washed down with a watermelon juice.
  26. Enjoying a bowl of quinoa caramel porridge at Ruby's Diner
  27. Ordering and subsequently eating a one-metre-long prosciutto and rocket pizza from Via Napoli in Lane Cove
  28. The deliciously crispy pork belly with chilli caramel from China Lane
  29. Getting our hands messy with Jow's Sweet & Sour Lamb Ribs from Ms G's
  30. China Diner's moreish duck pancakes
  31. Trying not to get the squid ink chilli crab linguini from Piato on our shirts
  32. Having breakfast at Nourished in Avalon and ordering The Pittwater - soft poached eggs with roasted tomato, Persian feta and avocado on sourdough
  33. The melt-in-your-mouth salmon belly aburi nigiri from Sokyo
  34. Feeling somewhat healthy with the El Loco salad at El Loco but ruining it with their tacos and margaritas
  35. Getting Frenchy and seafoody with 4 Pines Brewing Company's seafood bouillabaisse
  36. More carbs with Buon Ricordo's truffle egg fettuccine 
  37. Trying not to burst the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) when lifting them out of the steamer at Din Tai Fung
  38. The frutti di mare pizza (can you tell we like pizza?) from Pizza e Birra, Surry Hills
  39. Enjoying a plate of the wagyu beef tataki from Saké
  40. A bowl of Madame Nhu's signature dac biet pho
  41. Feeling a bit exotic with Maya Vegetarian's South Indian Thali. Make sure you get a vegetable samosa, too!
  42. Boca's spicy choripan (chorizo rolls) with aioli and crispy potatoes on the side
  43. The baja fish tacos at Mr Moustache (bonus points for one of the best names in the biz!)
  44. Getting our hands on a baked empanada de carne (beef empanada) from La Paula in Fairfield
  45. Dealing with the ensuing meat sweats after ordering the BBQ platter from Papi Chulo
  46. Yes, yes, yes to the jerk chicken at Queenies
  47. The signature guacamole (and seeing them make it in front of you) from Mejico
  48. Feeling a little fancy with Gunners Barracks' high tea
  49. Spotting celebrities (Kanye West!) and eating the mud crab from Mr Wong
  50. Braving the queue for Chat Thai's kana mhu grob (stir-fried Chinese kale and crisp pork belly)

We'd love to know your favourite meals in Sydney (from your favourite Sydney restaurants). Let us know!

Image credit: Papi Chulo

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