Pickles And Poached Eggs | Cornersmith Annandale

By Ange Law
15th Nov 2016

As a devoted fan of Cornersmith’s original outpost in Marrickville (it’s my favourite Sydney café, in fact), I was equal parts hesitant and really bloody excited when they announced the opening of a brand new café in Annandale. Well I’m pleased to tell you that it was just as good as the original, perhaps even better, which I put down to all of the space and the beautiful concrete communal table that dominates the new Inner West café.  

The wait staff were friendly when I walk in early on a Sunday morning with what can only be described as pure desperation written all over my face. They took my coffee order immediately and ushered me to a table by the window. After settling in and grilling my bestie about how her week was and WHY she hadn’t ordered me a soy flat white in the three seconds that she’d been there before I arrived, I took a look at the menu. 

As expected, it’s filled with breakfast staples like eggs and waffles, plus it's all vegetarian. My favourite section is the choose-your-own-adventure-style poached eggs and after questioning the lovely waitress about what we should order, we decided to get a few things to share. At this point in my life, I don’t have the time for food FOMO. I just don’t, so it was a solid plan. 

The poached eggs, by default, are served on sourdough toast with beetroot and ginger relish, but we also ordered the snowpea, cabbage slaw with smokey pickled green tomatoes, preserved mardarin and fenugreek sprouts and slow cooked zucchini with fennel, tarragon and chilli to go with it. It was an interesting combination, I will say that, but definitely in a good way. I love a bit of slaw with my eggs (Cornersmith Marrickville taught me that) and the zucchini was a warm side dish that was absolutely welcomed. 

The other dish (yes, I’m not done yet) was the spring toast, which is a lighter dish and one that I definitely recommend you order as a bonus third dish between two. It’s a house made gluten free charcoal bread, smeared with buttermilk ricotta, pickled baby eggplants, broad beans, peas and herbs. The black is striking and is, in itself, reason enough to order. But when you bite into it, there is this delicious sweet/savoury thing happening that 100% works. 

Obviously I followed it all up with a second coffee, which is worth a mention, since the beans are by Mecca and it is prepared with as much, love, care and precision as at the Marrickville outpost. Along with neighbourhood love and delicious food, the great coffee is what Cornersmith has become known for, so there were no surprises here. 

Next time, I’m getting the waffles for sure. Let’s just hope I have some company so I can still have my poached eggs with slaw as well. 

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Image credit: Claudia Shmueli

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