Read This Before Doing a Juice Cleanse

By Anna May
29th Jul 2015

I can hear you now… “juice cleanse!?” Yes, juice cleanse. We’ve all heard a story about this health phenomenon, but there’s one company on the market that is doing it properly. Intrigued? Of course you are. 

Lucky You Cleanse answers all our questions about juice cleanses. So read this before embarking on one.

First and foremost, a juice cleanse isn’t a diet

Just hear us out on this one. No doubt you’ve heard the hoopla about green juices being simply a fad. This may be true for some producers, but Heidy Jameel, the brains and beauty behind Lucky You Cleanse, has worked her behind off to make the best juice on the market. What’s the point? #Girlboss Heidy says, “By giving you digestive rest, energy and vitality is restored in your body. You are flooded with pure hydration using the most assimilative (easily absorbed) nutrients available.” So it’s less about starving yourself, and more about getting your body working like the well-oiled machine it is. How can you trust them? Lucky You Cleanse have been perfecting their craft for over six years, and were the first to offer juice cleansing to Australia using state-of-the-art hydraulic cold press machines. Basically, they know their sh*t.

But why do the juices have to be green?

Because that’s where all the good stuff comes from! Ever heard the term chlorophyll being thrown around and just nodded along? Basically, it’s plant blood—and it’s super easy and quick for your body to absorb into delicious goodness. Green juices are also highly alkaline, which means they help flush the acidity out of your system while getting things moving down there (if you know what I mean). Many people find green juices too potent in the beginning, but this is simply a sign of high acid levels; stick with them and you’ll soon find them as sweet as a juicy apple—that’s a sign it’s working!

It’s about much, much more than fitting into a dress

Heidy tells us that a huge amount of research has gone into LYC, it’s not just a reaction to trends. “We've identified those juice blends that enhance weight loss, help to detoxify the blood and organs, and can boost immunity as well.” Feeling a little fluey? Get your hands on a green smoothie and feel it fighting those nasty bugs. Bit dusty after a night on the sauce? Grab yourself a LYC Green A juice, with kale, silverbeet, spinach, and tonnes more organic green goodness to get your energy back and lemon to alkalise your system, it’s the perfect choice to get your head back in the game. 

Juice cleanses genuinely change lives

Sure, you can embark on a juice cleanse before a big event or after a long weekend of debauchery, but there’s a lot more to the Lucky You Cleanse offering than that. Heidy tells us, “We have clients who have committed to juicing and eliminated debilitating migraines from their life: those that quit smoking, those that have changed their diet post-cleanse and continue to cleanse four times a year, and some that no longer suffer from sinus issues. We’ve had those that have suffered years of acne and skin issues, that now have clear, 'alive' skin.” Proof is in the proverbial pudding, people. Or in the cacao cashew nut mylk, to be precise.

Feel free to mix it up!

Variety is the spice of life, and if you’re thinking you won’t survive off juice for a few days, rest easy knowing there are simple ways to make it that much easier. The cashew nut mylk, a blend of cashews, water, and medjool dates, is nothing short of a VIP party in your mouth, and can be gently heated up for a hearty, warming meal at the end of the day. Like the sound of that? Good call. The spicy lemonade and red spice juice are excellent when warmed as well.

Hanger isn’t as imminent as you’d think

Yes, you’ll be living on a liquid diet for a few days, but there are six 500mL bottles to get through, and they’re packed with up to 1.5kg of vegetables in each bottle. Some even struggle to finish all of them, but do as best you can to get all those goodies in your body.

You don’t have to commit to a full day (or three)

If you’re feeling pretty good and aren’t sure a full cleanse is for you, that’s totally fine—listen to your body! But if you want to grab something delicious, energising and easy on-the-go, head to Woolies or Thomas Dux and grab yourself a single serve of LYC goodness. The super berry cacao smoothie is packed with greens, bursting with blueberries and finished with some raw cacao powder and a little coconut milk, and is the perfect breakfast or snack on the run. 

Okay ...So what do I need to do?

Be prepared. Don’t gorge on pizza and burgers pre-cleanse, plan to clean up your diet about three days in advance, mark any ‘red flag’ days or events, and do your best to cut down your caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake before you begin, it will make the transition to all natural goodness a lot easier. During the cleanse, listen to your body—it’s telling you everything you need to know. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don’t be shy in doing some light exercise to refresh your mind while getting your insides shiny and new. 

Still have questions? Get some more info here. There’s nothing to be afraid of—unless better health scares you, of course.

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Image credit: Nicola Sevitt

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