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Seinfeld Trivia Is Happening In Sydney

By Phoebe McRae
4th Nov 2016

Seinfeld Trivia Sydney Tuxedo

The only thing better than a chicken burger and espresso martini, is a chicken burger and espresso martini with a side of Jerry Seinfeld every Tuesday.

Thanks to the crafty guys at Tuxedo (who have espresso martinis on tap!), you can now get your Jerry fix each week at Seinfeld Tuesdays.

Every damn episode will be played on a projector while the Kansas City Shuffle kitchen satisfy all the chicken addicts with $10 burgers.

There might not be a neon Kenny Rogers Chicken sign to keep you awake but the $12 espresso martinis certainly will.

There will be Seinfeld Trivia (and a prize for the ultimate Seinfeld King or Queen) so start studying, and by studying, we mean binge-watching Seinfeld in your undies.

The Details

What: Seinfeld Tuesdays
Where: Tuxedo, The Rocks
When: Every Tuesday

Jerry Seinfeld is finally coming back to Australia! Find out more here.

Image credit: All Wide Wallpapers

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