Spritz Yeah! | Our Pick For Alfresco Dining In Sydney

By Ange Law
21st Nov 2016

With warmer weather come longer days, summer sessions, and alfresco dining (because who’d choose to be cooped up indoors?). Since we wouldn’t want you wasting any of your balmy summer evenings on average restaurants and mediocre courtyards, we decided to put our very scientific checklist of summer must-haves into action. 

This summer, Casoni is our pick for alfresco dining and not just because of their tasty menu fisso or their delicious cocktails – but now that you’ve mentioned it, they have those too. 

Summery Cocktails On Tap (Literally)

We’ll start with the obvious, because let’s be honest, if a restaurant doesn’t have summery cocktails coming over the bar in quick succession, we don’t think they can call themselves a true alfresco restaurant. Casoni not only serves summery cocktails like Aperol Spritz (a classic) and Taylor Spritz (Tanqueray 10, pink grapefruit and prosecco), they even have them on tap. And since it’s always a good time for an espresso martini, they have those too, made with Ketel One vodka, cold drip coffee, maple and coffee liqueur. Get in early to take advantage of $9 Aperol Spritx and $6 tap beer between 5pm - 6.30pm.

Perfect Lighting For Impromptu Photo Shoots 

Flattering light is ALWAYS welcomed, but when it comes to summer sessions with your mates, it’s even more important because even though we wish someone would confiscate our phones mid meal, realistically we won’t let anything get in the way of a great Insta-story or us taking advantage of golden hour. If it isn’t on social media, did it even really happen?

A Set Menu Filled With Your Fave Dishes

With alfresco dining comes a certain level of relaxation (or distraction – we’ll blame that on the cocktails) and you wouldn’t want to ruin that relaxation with difficult life decisions. Most restaurants throw a couple of duds onto their set menus, but not at Casoni my dear, Italian loving friends, because theirs is filled with corkers. It’s one thing to have a menu that’s filled with delicious sounding dishes but it’s quite another to have an entire menu of crazy delicious modern Italian dishes that keep us coming back again and again. The only choice you’ll have to make is between the pumpkin ravioli and papardelle Bolognese and is there such a thing as the wrong choice when it comes to pasta? Editor’s note: you can always get both.

Prime People Watching Real Estate

If there’s a better people-watching spot in Sydney than anywhere near Oxford Street, then we don’t know about it. We put it down to the fact that the area attracts all types, from well to do eastern Sydney dwellers to the more colourful characters that roam the local area (you know the ones). So make like an Italian spending the evening in the town piazza and indulge in this prime people-watching locale. This one is important for quick meals and long dinners alike, because everyone loves a spot of live entertainment, right?

Plenty of Seating (For All Of Your Mates)

For obvious reasons, you want to have enough space to spread out and Casoni certainly has that. Whether one table is enough, or you’d prefer to keep all of the sunshine for you and your crew, this is where you should do it come Saturday lunchtime. Also important is the fact that multiple large umbrellas protect the plentiful seating, because being pasty in the summertime is no joke guys.

Looooong Trading Hours

Long trading hours are especially important for those summer days when lunch turns into dinner; turns into kick-ons down the road. It's handy then, that Casoni have launched their alfresco dining area for summer, and are open until midnight every single weekend, giving you plenty of time to devour delicious food and fruity cocktails that go down a little too easily. It makes sense, because if there’s one thing Italians are known for, it’s taking their sweet time with dinner, or lunch, or life in general (you get it). Also worth noting is the fact that they're open for dinner on Sundays, so when mum comes to town next, be a doll and shout her dinner.  

Close To Kick-On Options 

As we mentioned in our last point, kick-ons are important. It isn’t a coincidence that most of your best (and biggest) nights out were the spontaneous kind that begun with a vague suggestion of getting together with your mates for a couple of afternoon bevvies. Casoni is tucked just off the main drag in Darlinghurst, so it’s literally on the doorstep of Sydney’s nightlife, making it the prime location for those impromptu summer nights. They won't kick you out until midnight, but we all know that's when Sydney starts warming up anyway.

Casoni is the local Italian restaurant that you’ve – no doubt – had on your foodie bucket list for months and they’re open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and for lunch on Saturdays. Head here to book a table.

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