Sushi Burgers Are Coming To Sydney

By Ange Law
14th Dec 2016

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If you’ve ever said “there’s just a bit too much bread on this burger” then you’re going to love new burger joint, Gojima, that’s coming to The Star Sydney this week. In place of buns, there’s a layer of crispy rice, which actually looks a lot like hash browns, now that you mention it. 

Between the rice are burger staples like American-style dill pickles, white onion, crisp lettuce, American cheese and beef patties (or two, if you’re up for it). Staying true to their sushi roots though, Chef Chase Kojima (of Sokyo) has added surprises like umami butter and a sheet of nori to hold it all together. 

There will also be a fried chicken rice burger and salmon sashimi burger, depending on how far out of your comfort zone you’re willing to venture. Regardless of which burger you pick though, you should definitely grab some fries with umami salt.

Gojima will open for business this Thursday 15 December at The Star Sydney.

If you're for all of the new openings in your area, then head here.

Image credit: Gojima

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