Sydney Has A Gelato Burger

By Simone Jovel
14th Oct 2016

best dessert sydney

Anyone who knows Sydney knows there is some serious dessert game going on, and this calorie-filled treasure is no exception. We give you the gelato burger! Now, we know ice cream sandwiches are nothing new, but a gelato burger, well that’s just genius. 

A Sicillian-style brioche bun (we’re listening) perfectly cut and filled with your choice of one, or two flavours, because let’s be honest, life is all about choice when it comes to your sweet treats. Once you’ve chosen between Nutella (we know what we’re choosing) or the Panna, an Italian-style whipped cream (damn it, maybe we do need both?!) the real fun starts. Add your gelato flavour, or if you aren’t best mates with dairy opt for the sorbet instead!

This complete drool fest is the brainchild of Cremeria De Luca and we’re told to be weary of imitations.

Need more sweet treats? Head here.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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