Sydney’s Best CrossFit Studios

By Jacqui Thompson
29th Apr 2014

High intensity, CrossFit is not for the faint-hearted but boy does it get results. Weights, aerobics and gymnastics are all thrown into the mix with the aim of improved stamina, flexibility, coordination and strength. 

CrossFit is an established, interval-based program founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. The popularity of CrossFit training is not surprising considering many of us spend our days chained to a desk, our bodies craving some hardcore release and exercise! Not only will you achieve weight loss, greater fitness, strength and agility but it is an incredible stress buster—the perfect way to sweat out your day.

Part of the CrossFit philosophy is a focus on diet, in particular the paleo way of life. For the best places to eat paleo and more information on the diet itself, head here.

Here are Sydney's best CrossFit studios, from the CBD, to inner city and the suburbs—we have you covered.

Inner City CrossFit Studios

CrossFit Athletic 

This one is for you CBD workers, CrossFit right in the heart of the CBD on Clarence Street. Escape the shackles of your desk and sweat out the rat race pressure with an intensive, free flowing, fun and passionate workout. With qualified trainers and a social atmosphere, CrossFit Athletic offers classes pre, during and post work. Three programs are offered: Base, a balanced approach to get you looking and feeling great - a healthier version of you; Climb, for the athletic person looking to be challenged; and Peak, for trained athletes who are looking to compete in CrossFit. CrossFit Athletic offers three, six and 12 month memberships. All new members receive a free 60-minute consultation to help find the right program for their fitness level.

CrossFit Sydney 

Andrew and his CrossFit team have garnered quite the reputation, running CrossFit and personal training programs from their warehouse-based studio in Alexandria. CrossFit Sydney offers two complimentary trial classes for those wanting to check out the studio and its services. For CrossFit newbies, you will receive three personal one-hour sessions to learn all the basics, the first two being free. For the seasoned CrossFit trainer you still receive two free sessions to see if CrossFit Sydney is the right fit for you. The unlimited membership costs $55 per week and offers unlimited classes, special training sessions and coaching consultations. A general CrossFit session includes: warm up; mobility sequence; focused Workout of the Day (WOD); specific core work; stretch sequence/ soft tissue work. A top Sydney CrossFit program and workout environment.

CrossFit Black 

CrossFit Black in the heart of Surry Hills offers CrossFit programs suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, through to experienced athletes. Running both group and personal training sessions, these generally last one-hour or 45 minutes at lunchtime. Constantly varying and with high-intensity, the sessions are based on the Workout of the Day (WOD) plus strength training. You can attend Mainstream (overseen by a qualified CrossFit instructor, exercises are scaled to your fitness level); Pink (for women only); Introductory classes (free for new participants); the open gym; yoga; and boxing. Crossfit Black features a 220 square metre boxing area—fun! A number of different membership programs are available as are casual classes at $35 per person.

CrossFit Ignite Sydney 

Conveniently located in Waterloo, CrossFit Ignite is a studio passionate about improving one's overall health and wellbeing. With a personalised service, programs are tailored to the individual, and free introductory sessions are available. The qualified trainers are also on hand to give nutritional advice, the paleo diet is a popular philosophy here and CrossFit Ignite offers a successful nutritional program for members. The unlimited weekly rate is $99, with the tailored services available it is a worthwhile investment. Your personalised CrossFit program will be matched to your specific goals and needs. This is one of the best CrossFit studios in Sydney for those wanting to embrace the CrossFit philosophy holistically.

CrossFit Bare 

With two locations, one on the Oxford Street Mall in Bondi Junction and New South Head Road Edgecliff, attending CrossFit Bare is all about joining its fitness community. Clearly stating it is not a gym, you will begin with a one-on-one personal training session to learn the basics of CrossFit, before you enter the group class fray. You will be taught the nine basic movements: the squat; front squat; overhead squat; shoulder press; push press; push jerk; deadlift; Sumo-Deadlift high pull; and the clean. Hard work and a lot of fun, CrossFit is considered quite addictive—CrossFit Bare also offers a free trial class to get you started. For the seasoned CrossFit addict the free trial class is also on offer.

Suburban CrossFit Studios

CrossFit Parramatta 

Following the military, martial art and professional athletic interest in CrossFit training, CrossFit Parramatta delivers a universal fitness program, which can be scaled to different levels of fitness and needs. In their words, "from elderly individuals with heart disease to professional cage fighters" this is a CrossFit studio for all. The methods are focused upon constant, high-intensity workouts for maximum results in shorter periods of time. Personal training is also available, and for beginners there is a starter package at $295 for one month's membership and special training. There is additionally one to 12-month unlimited memberships available, as well as drop-in classes for $25, which need to be pre-arranged.

CrossFit Bondi

Holding free trial classes on a Thursday night, this is a great Sydney CrossFit studio to give the program a go. All new members work through a 4-week starter program designed to teach the fundamentals of CrossFit. Unlimited training options are available weekly ($74), fortnightly ($148) or per calendar month ($321) and casual visits cost $30 per session. CrossFit Bondi is a training studio passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy paleo-inclined diet. 

Inner West CrossFit

Offering CrossFit programs for kids, teenagers, mums and the general populous—everyone is catered for at the Inner West CrossFit studio. Free 60-minute introduction classes are provided to learn the CrossFit methods and to try out basic training. Drop-in classes cost $30, and there are silver, gold and couple memberships available. Experienced CrossFit trainer David Buckley owns and runs the Inner West CrossFit studio and is a serious advocate of the training program in Sydney.

CrossFit Norwest

Strength and conditioning are the name of the game at CrossFit Norwest. Servicing the Castle Hill and Dural areas of Sydney, programs are created to suite the individual needs of members and nutritional advice is part of the program. From sport and performance enhancement, to weight loss, muscle gain and sustained energy, it is all about improving quality of life. 

CrossFit Kensington

The CrossFit Kensington motto, "fitter, leaner, faster, stronger", pretty well sums up the philosophy of CrossFit. Classes cater for beginners up to professional athletes, but in an encouraging and supportive environment, this is group workout at its best. CrossFit Kensington in Sydney has cultivated a friendly and family-like culture where people train hard and reach their fitness goals together. Free introductory sessions are available, weekly unlimited memberships cost $68 with discounts for couples. Personal training sessions are also available.

CrossFit Brookvale

Northern Beaches folk of Sydney this is your CrossFit destination. Highly qualified trainers will take you through the CrossFit regimes, there will be lots of kettlebells, monkey bars, ropes, medicine balls and Olympic lifting—this is an adult's playground. The paleo diet is also greatly encouraged at CrossFit Brookvale. Drop-in classes cost $30 and $25 for armed services personal and students. Memberships cost $66 per week (discounts again for armed services personnel and students) or a ten-visit pass for $220.  

CrossFit North Head

Located in Sydney's beautiful North Head National Park, CrossFit North Head boasts a unique 500 square metre training ground, where a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics are all played out in time-based sessions. There are group sessions that focus on the Workout of the Day (WOD), classes for mums, personal training, lunch and corporate classes, as well as the Youth Development Program (YDP). Complimentary movement assessments are carried out to ensure you receive the appropriate level of training for your personal fitness. Casual classes cost $25 and weekly memberships vary from $40 up to $70 per week. This is a top pick in our list of Sydney's best CrossFit studios.

CrossFit Chatswood

The team at Crossfit Chatswood aim to help people live happier and healthier lives through a supportive and safe exercise environment. The objective is to help members improve their energy levels, self-esteem and confidence—essentially to reach their full potential. All ages and fitness levels are catered to. For beginners, you start with the CrossFit 101 course, which consists of four one-hour personal training sessions. The second stage is CrossFit 201, where you join the group sessions and the open gym system. Drop-in classes cost $30 per visit and the unlimited classes membership costs $60 per week. The CrossFit 101 fundamentals course costs $300 (four sessions). CrossFit Chatswood is run by head coach and owner Alex Eastman and is a well-regarded CrossFIt studio in Sydney.

Revolution X Performance Centre

Nutrition, health and fitness are the focus at Revolution X Performance Centre. Trained coaches run CrossFit WOD schedules daily, which feature high intensity, back to basics, full-body workouts. From professional athletes to grandparents and children, Revolution X Performance Centre's CrossFit programs cater to all. Memberships range from $55 to $60 per week, there are also 10 visit packages available for $299 and $250 for emergency and Defence Force personnel. Head coach Rob Kastoun personally transformed his life into one of fitness and health, and his drive is to help others do the same. 

CrossFit Ryde

Functional fitness is the message at CrossFit Ryde in Sydney, practical fitness for your sporting, work, home and recreational life. Being mentally and physically prepared for the challenges of life—something we all need! CrossFit Ryde is a CrossFit Box gym and while training is taken seriously, there is a real sense of community at this studio. The daily Workout of the Day (WOD) includes: Olympic lifting; gymnastics; athletics; and sports. And a message for the ladies, CrossFit will make you "stronger, slimmer and sexier not beastly"—haha well said. For a full unlimited membership it is $85 per fortnight, $65 for students and service workers (police, fire, ambulance). Casual visits are $25 a class.

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