Sydney’s Best Breakfast Rolls

By Mollie Maloney.
9th Nov 2016

Best Breakfast Roll Sydney

We’ve seen bacon and egg rolls, and yes, we get it, the tomato or BBQ sauce debate really is a big deal. It’s a game changer at your local sizzle, and there’s not much we can do if they’ve run out of BBQ and all they can offer is its lesser cousin tomato. Yes, we are aware this is a controversial statement, #hatersgonnahate. With no safe way to settle this debate, we think it time to look to bigger, better things. Perhaps, dare we say, there is more to a breakfast bun than just a simple brown or red sauce?


Sydney cafes are hearing our calls, and are putting some funky fresh flavours in with the classic B&E. You know what the experts say: if you can’t fix the problem, smother it in relish, herbed ricotta, kimslaw, aioli, and really anything BUT the good old tommy. While we check if experts have ever actually said this, you should head to one of these cafes to put the theory to the test. Here are 7 of Sydney’s best breakfast buns to get you started.

Scout's Honour


The Scout's Honour team in Redfern know their sandwiches, and so it seemed only fitting to start off the list with true veterans in the breakfast roll world. The Scout Breaky Sandwich is a boiled free range egg (yum), bacon (yum), cheddar (yum), Herbed ricotta (interesting and yum) and relish (necessary and yum). These guys open early and serve great coffee, as well as a heap of other delicious sounding sambos to tie you over.

Rising Sun Workshop


If you own a motorbike, why not check two things off the list and get your bike serviced and your brekky bun fix all before 9am at Rising Sun Workshop. If you don’t have a motorbike, you can still hang out at this Workshop come eatery, but we highly suggest you get your priorities in check and invest in that Vespa you’ve always wanted. The Hokkaido milk buns with bacon, egg, cheese and kimslaw are the best Japanese-esque brekky buns in town. If you’re feeling more game, try the mushroom bun as well. If you thought niche didn’t exist, you just need to spend a morning at this Japanese Motorbike workshop breakfast spot. We know that’s a mouthful but trust us, it’s a damn delicious one of a kind.

In The Annex

Forest Lodge

We were skeptical when we saw a huge piece of leafy kale in the brekky roll at In The Annex. Let us talk you through the experience: you see green, you hate green, you taste green, you LOVE green. The chili relish in the Kale and Egg Roll marries the interesting combo together, making healthy things taste finger licking good. If you’re feeling a little exotic in your choice of brekky buns, head to the brekkie burrito. Rice n beans, scrambled eggs, edamole, jalapenos and aioli. A world away from BBQ sauce, this burrito has more flavour than you can poke a stick at, and is tasting pretty damn good.

Three Williams


Few cafes deliver on the burger-ness of breakfast quite like Three Williams in Redfern. Welcome the merchant— a burger of chili fried eggs with crispy bacon, pickled slaw and a creamy ranch dressing, with a choice of two Tabasco sauces, as per your heat requirements. Think burger slop meets gooey egg cut with pickled mayonnaisey goodness. Sorry...brb...mouth salivating.

Three Blue Ducks


The Egg and Bacon roll at the Three Blue Ducks in Bronte is no frills and we love it. Paired up with a cacophony of sauces— pimento relish and herbed hollandaise, the organic eggs and thickly cut bacon are in the limelight. The lemon in the hollandaise cuts the fat of the bacon so much so that you could quite literally be eating an apple, it’s that healthy. (NB: this is most likely not true at all) Served on Iggy’s bread, you can say no more when it comes to the quest for the breaky bun. It’s got a sea breeze and a whole lot of attitude.

Laneway Cafe


Good Morning Sydney and welcome to the best bun you could ask for, the Good Morning Burger at Laneway Cafe. Hashbrowns are vital to any breakfast meal, and we are so glad that Laneway got the memo and smooshed amazing thing #1 (hashbrowns) with amazing thing #2 (E&B’s). The paprika aioli fills a whole in our heart we didn’t even know existed (here’s looking at you BBQ sauce), and the avo, cheese and tomato is as fresh as the spring in our step that we now have for the rest of the day.

Mr Bacon & Egg Rolls

Market Stall

We thought it would be good to include a challenge in this list –and the market stall Mr. Bacon & Egg Rolls offers just that. Mr. Bacon & Egg Rolls are about as infamous for their buns as much as they are infamous for their lack of social media presence. You can find them at Sydney Sustainable Markets in Taylor Square on a Saturday, and that’s about it! Don’t worry though, this is a VERY good thing. We don’t want anyone to know about their amazing honey port cured bacon and egg roll with haloumi and mushrooms. (except for all of you guys obvi.) They are just too good to be shared. When you see the stall, run. AND then let us know.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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