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Sydney’s Best Cocktails To Cure A Cold

By Jessica Best
25th May 2017

best bars to get mulled wine in Sydney 2016

Blocked nose? Sore throat? Sure, We’ll drink to both. This winter we plan to think of cocktails as the unofficial health remedy your mother never told you about. When mouthwash and Panadol aren’t hitting the spot; it might be time to op for a cheeky cocktail (especially when it’s loaded with healing properties like cinnamon or ginger).

If you’re in a bad way, we’ve got you covered with a bit of self-medicating. Because we’ll use any excuse to sneak another glass.

Here are the best cocktails in Sydney that will cure your cold (we think)! You know, so you can human again.

The Rum Blazer

If there’s a way to brush off the sniffles, it’s by loading yourself up on all the cinnamon. The good ol’ blazer is one of the warmer alcoholic concoctions guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, when your head cold is doing otherwise. With some aged rum, brown sugar, pinches of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus peel, we can confirm this is definitely a better alternative to cough syrup.

Where to get yours: The Glenmore, The Rocks + Lobo Plantation, CBD

Honey Mead

Tackle your scratchy AF throat with a dose of seriously sweet and delicious honey mead. You know, because it’s always wine time. Even when your sinus is blocked and your throat is a glorious phlegm basket.

Where to get yours: The Bank Hotel, Newtown

The Last Acre

When you’re stuck in the middle of flu season, you’ll want to give the last acre cocktail a crack. And let’s be real, you’re probably going to Google “home remedies to fix a cold” anyway so you may as well let the pros take care of it. And just so you know, it takes the delicious form of Bombay sapphire gin, Luxardo, Chartreuse, fresh ginger, turmeric and lime.

Where to get yours: Acre Eatery, Camperdown

Pineapple Cobbler

We’re all about loading up on all the vitamin C when we’re feeling a touch feverish so the pineapple cobbler is an absolute given if you’re keen to inhale your body weight in fruity goodness. This one’s made up of Mazanilla sherry, vodka, lemon sugar syrup, fresh grapefruit, pineapple chunks, fresh orange, Angostura bitters and orange bitters. We’re pretty sure you’ll be feeling fresh AF after you down a couple of these.

Where to get yours: Kittyhawk, CBD

Tale Of Two Islands

We have two words for you Sydney: tea cocktails. Get on it. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s a beautiful mix of Bombay sapphire, sake, earl grey, lemon juice and celery bitters. Yep, sipping on the good stuff makes being a mucuous-y mess much more bearable. Kind of.

Where to get yours: The Rook, CBD

Hot Toddy

Smackin’ down one of these bad boys is probably the only plus of catching a cold (apart from getting to stay in bed all day). Cue all the honey. All of the herbs. All of the spices. And of course, all the whiskey or bourbon (depending on the amount of kick your ailment needs).

Where to get yours: Dove and Olive, Surry Hills + The Henson, Marrickville

Mulled Wine

Sipping on mulled wine makes us feel fancy as hell at the best of times, so naturally this one makes the list. It’s served up warm, mostly made with red wine, spices and sometimes raisins, so it’s sure to soothe any symptoms of the flu or a really bad cold. And guys, it’s known as the

ultimate “medicinal beverage” but let’s be honest, it tastes so damn good we don’t even care if its healing powers are real or not.

Where to get yours: The Commons, Darlinghurst + Bar Chinois, Chippendale + PJ Gallaghers, Parramatta

Mulled Cider

If you can’t tell, we’re fans of a good cuppa mulled-anything. So mulled cider definitely makes the cut when it comes to drinking up concoctions to cure a pesky cold. There’s a huuuuge range of the good stuff around and you’ll find delicious combos made from apple juice or cider, fruit, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.

Where to get yours: Arcadia Liquors, Redfern + Bondi Bowling Club, Bondi + Mr Falcon’s, Glebe

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