Sydney’s Best Cold Brews

By Christa Cahill
25th Nov 2016

best cold brew coffee Sydney

The arrival of summer brings a huge problem for all Sydney coffee lovers (that would be all of us because coffee is life). Even though the warm weather is fiiiiiiinally here, our epic addiction to a cup of Joe remains. We still need to work, look fabulous, and get through an entire day of work without a nap, because we are #adulting. To do this we need coffee— and lots of it.

There's just one problemo, coffee + summer heat = not good. But never fear, because we have the answer to this caffeinated tragedy, and it comes in the perfectly chilled form of cold brew.

Here are some of Sydney’s Best Cold Brews to get you caffeinated AF all summer long. 


Hunters Hill

At Dachshund you will not be disappointed, and not just because you can bring along your poochy or feline friend, but also because the range of cold brews on offer, which are sure to cool you off in the heat of the day. From traditional iced coffees to iced lattes, and iced chais to iced Mörk chocolate, the possibilities are endless with these cooling treats.

Paramount Coffee Project

Surry Hills

This is the coffee bar that brings you a variety of styles made with the highest quality coffee. When it comes to cold brews, Paramount Coffee knows its stuff and will serve you up an exotic, Colombian coffee of tropical and cherry huila, known as the ‘San Isidro’, for a bargain price of $5. By adding a hint of sweetness to your coffee in the morning, it will put that spring back in your step and prepare you for that warm day ahead.

Single O

Surry Hills

With a loving focus on Fair Trade, organic produce, and sustainable drips, Single Origin Roasters puts nothing but quality, care, dedication and ethos into every cup of iced goodness. Located on Reservoir Street, swing by and pick up an iced coffee or iced chocolate, or even better, if you are really breaking out a sweat in the heat and just wanna treat yo’self, you can add gelato to your coffee (remember calories don’t count on the weekend). Do you fancy something even sweeter? Have a taster of the famous Single O honeycomb-infused cold brew coffee, which will truly tantalize your taste buds. 

Coffee Alchemy 


Nestled away in Marrickville, Coffee Alchemy takes you to an enchanted world of speciality coffee (we’re serious). The meticulous brewers will not disappoint with their coffee selection and the cold brews are simply something else. The Sparkler is a particular favourite for all of you coffee lovers, created by a super cool (and refreshing process) of cold-drip that is then injected with carbonated water, which creates a cold, fizzy caffeinated beverage. Too much science? Just trust us, it tastes great. 

Reuben Hills

Surry Hills

Another home for Sydney’s best speciality coffee, Reuben Hills brews its beans on the premises, so you can’t get any fresher than that. Do you need to fizz up your life a little? Then we recommend trying the carbonated cold brew, which will send your taste buds wild. Or opt for the iced latte if you fancy something a bit creamier but still caffeinated, refreshing and cooling. 



Mecca Coffee has expanded its empire from the CBD to Alexandria and when you try their coffee, you will basically be taken on a trip to Mecca. One of Sydney’s best loved coffee spots, their warehouse vibe tastefully compliments the freshly roasted and brewed coffee beans, both done on site. So, settle in and cool yourself down with Mecca’s nitro cold brew that is poured right from the tap.


Castle Hill & Surry Hills

Step into a rustic, authentically modern Aussie affair at the Youeni food store. This is  your chance to indulge in rich and refreshing iced lattes, coffees, and mochas, which are sure to cool you off and keep you feeling revitalized. And the best part? Their cold brew comes ready to go in a cute little bottle so you can hit the streets caffeinated with a spring in your step.

Kingswood Coffee


A speciality shop that uses Sensory Lab Coffee as their house blend, Kingswood is a rustic coffee hub in the heart of the CBD with fantastic cold brews. Cool off from the hustle and bustle of the city by popping into this joint and trying their cold-drip coffee every single day. 

Dutch Smuggler


A cold drip coffee paradise, Dutch Smuggler combines their coffee beans with fascinating flavours in order to create unique coffee. In the heat of the sun, what better way to cool down that with the coco coffee in hand? This delightful cold brew is made with coffee, coconut water, coconut ice cream and cacao nibs (yeah it’s basically a dessert, but its so refreshing and you know you deserve it). 

Cold brew not your cup of tea? Check out Sydney's Best High Teas.

Image credit: Claudia Schmueli at Youeni 

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