Sydney’s Best Maxed Out Milkshakes

By Zo Zhou
24th Aug 2015

With the Tella Ball Shake raking in the Instagram glory, Sydney cafes are going all out, turning their milkshakes into ultimate (borderline ridiculous) dessert mash-ups.

Which Sydney café will prevail? Who will even be able to finish their shake? And are these shakes magnificence itself, or total monstrosities? There’s only one way to find out.

In case you’re not already suffering from sugar-induced #foodregrets, here’s our round up of some of the most maxed out milkshakes Insta has delivered.

The Red Velvet Shake from Patissez


We blame Patissez for starting all this sweet madness. First it was with chocolate and pretzels and all sorts of other confections, and now they have your own spinoff page @freakshakes dedicated to your crazy creations? We’re only forgiving you because you use Jersey milk. That’s dedication.

The Tella Ball Shake from Foodcraft Espresso


Judging by the newfound foot traffic in this formerly quiet Westside village, Sydneysiders are going slightly berserk over the Nutella donut-topped shake that Foodcraft are pumping out. Hot cakes, you have nothing on these babies.

The Turkish Delight Shake from Wild Pear Café


Strawberry and rose are a gorgeous combination, especially so with Turkish delight, crushed pistachios, and rose fairy floss. This shake is bringing all the Sydneysiders to Dural's Wild Pear Café, and is undeniably very pretty.

The Volcano Shake from XS Espresso

Wetherill Park

Because a chocolate milkshake with chocolate sauce and cream is clearly not cutting it, XS Espresso are adding a molten lava cake too (doused, of course, in more chocolate sauce). This oozing concoction is giving the proverbial cherry a total inferiority complex.

The Tim Tam Milo Shake from The Wilkes


This gummy lolly studded shake at The Wilkes offers a nice little nostalgia hit with your sugar hit. A hefty amount of whipped cream precariously holds your Tim Tam and candy in place.

Pretty in Pink at The Vogue Café


It had to happen—syringes have finally taken over your milkshake donut now at The Vogue Café, but unlike the usual chocolate variety, this injects maple syrup into your strawberry shake (through a pikelet adorned with strawberry and cream lollies).

The Clutch at Brewristas


If cookies and milk decided to go on steroids, it might look like this shake at Brewristas. The cookie would hulk out into a brownie, and tiny teddies and chocolate frog faces would be stuck to the side of your glass for handy dipping into chocolate milk.

The Cannoli Shake at Romolo Espresso Cucina


Now you’re no longer safe at work from NSFW milkshake porn, but at least this one at Romolo is a little easier to actually consume. A little crunch is always welcome in amongst all that cream and chocolatey goodness.

The Golden Gaytime Frappe at What The Fudge Café


We have to admit the sight of the cone that has faceplanted into a milkshake is kind of how we feel about this whole crazy milkshake madness right now. Enjoy with a side of deep fried Golden Gaytime for extra sugar points at What The Fudge Café

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Image credit: Brewristas



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