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Sydney’s Best Natural Adventures

By Jessica Best
8th Feb 2018

outdoor adventures sydney

We hate to say it, but Sydney does have its limits (albeit nothing to do with food or wine). We’re talking about hella big adventures, guys. These bad boys require ditching the the big smoke to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer and we promise they’re all worth the lack of WiFi. Swear.

If you’re looking to step up your coastal walk game (perhaps from a more elevated vantage point) or switch your CBD staycay for something a little more… outback-y, then you have come to the right place my friend.

Here are the best natural adventures around Sydney.

Camping In Australia’s Only Dark Sky Park 

Think stars people. And no, not the peasant spotting of Ryan’s Belt or the Southern Cross. We mean a clear (and ‘grammable), panoramic view of the entire milky way above your head. Checking in at around the six-hour drive mark north-west of the big smoke, you’ll be in prime stargazing territory within Warrumbungle National Park. And let’s be honest, camping overnight here will be the peak of your adventuring life.

Cattle Driving In Glenworth Valley

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. Mustering a herd of cattle on horseback mightn’t have ever been on your bucket list but the legends at Glenworth Valley have made this adventure possible for even the most uncoordinated of us (that means beginner riders are totally able to jump on board). And trust us, there’s really no other way to see 3,000 acres of untouched hinterland. Trust us. You’ll work as a team and finish off the day by kicking back and enjoying all the beer and one epic BBQ. 

Canyoning In The Grand Canyon

Okay, so it’s not the actual Grand Canyon (this one’s located in the Blue Mountains) but unlike its US counterpart, this little wilderness is not accessible by car. Try canyoning instead. Yep, this is way more exciting. For starters, entry into the canyon is via a 20-metre overhanging abseil straight into a black hole. A black hole, people. We promise you won’t be slipping into the Upside Down (Stranger Things ref. for anyone who’s been living under a rock) but you’ll sure feel like you’re in another world with the insurmountable level of moss, trickling waterfalls, lookouts and deep pools to swim through. We can also confirm you don’t have to be a pro to do this but if you’d prefer to know what you’re getting yourself into first, check out this virtual reality canyoning experience

Watch The Sunrise From Mount Kaputar

Bearing the brunt of setting that alarm clock to an ungodly hour to catch the sunrise will be well worth it once you reach the top of Mount Kaputar (sleepy eyes and all). Because a 360-degree uninterrupted view of the national park is something Google Images could never match. There and back, it’s about an hour and a half hike which is totally doable even for the strictest of city-slickers.

Take A Vintage Plane Ride Down The Coast

Grab a leather flying helmet, pull down your goggles and throw your fear of heights away. There’s only one way to see the scenic Illawarra coastline (excluding by wheels along the Grand Pacific Drive) and that’s via a Tiger Moth flight. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely airborne path across the region or you’re keen to make air hoops and take the flight through some aerobatic paces, this will be one hell of an adventure your mates will be well jealous of. Or you could just take them with you—the choice is yours.

Here is your ultimate Australia and New Zealand adventure bucket list. 

Image credit: Tobias Keller, Unsplash

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