Sydney’s Best Nutella Pizzas

By Ange Law
27th Sep 2016

Sydney’s Best Nutella Pizzas

Nutella pizzas are one of those desserts that you don’t order often, but when you do, you suddenly turn in to a ten-year-old child all over again. Seriously, is there anything more exciting than deciding mid food coma that a Nutella pizza is a good idea? Nope!

These are our favourites Nutella Pizzas in Sydney, so get out there and order one, for old times sake. 

Rosso Pomodoro


They guys at Rosso Pomodoro know how to make a good pizza, and besides a few choice salads, antipasti and pasta dishes, that is basically all they do. We tend to trust people that specialise in one thing, because more often than not they do that one thing really damn well. So with this in mind we feel safe in recommending that you stop what you’re doing and make a beeline over Balmain and order one of their Nutella calzone’s right now. They have mixed it up by throwing in some almond flakes as well, just to add a little bit of crunch, which is a simple form of genius really since a whole lot of Nutella can become a little overwhelming in your mouth when you take a too-big bite (guilty!).

Pizza Autentico

Surry Hills

Pizza Autentico is a pizzeria with a pretty big difference, so what you can expect when you walk through their very welcoming door is 90 minutes of unlimited pizza for only $20. Their concrete slab of a communal table is designed for large group bookings, but is often made up of couples and smaller groups. Ok, now on to the Nutella pizza. It’s pizza and it has a whole lot of nutella on it – need I say more?


Bronte & Surry Hills

It’s not strictly a pizza, but since it still very much sits in the same camp, the Nutella and ricotta calzone from Vacanza is everything you want in a decadent Italian dessert. The name basically says it all, and the visual of molten Nutella oozing out of a steaming hot calzone is almost too much to handle (almost, but I think we will manage). Not that we needed any more convincing, but it’s served with vanilla bean ice cream as well.

Salt Meats Cheese

Various Locations

I know it’s hard, but we’re asking that you bypass most of the cannoli at Salt Meats Cheese for one night, so you can truly appreciate the Nutella pizza because we’ve all got to live a little, right? There’s also a Nutella bomb, which is a wood fired pizza dough bomb topped with ricotta and fresh strawberries (and Nutella, obvs). It sounds incredible so you should get that one too while you’re there.

Via Napoli

Lane Cove, Hunters Hill & Surry Hills

Via Napoli are known for some of the best pizza in Sydney. Couple that with the fact that you’ll be greeted with gusto and a kiss on the cheek when you walk through the door and it isn’t hard to understand why the locals keep coming back for more. They keep it simple with their Nutella pizza, simply slathering the good stuff onto a wood fired pizza base. Maybe try and talk them in to making it into a metre long pizza, because who wouldn’t want a metre of Nutella pizza.

If consider yourself a pizza purist, check out our list of Sydney's best napoli pizzas.

Image credit: via Nosh On It

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