The American Dream | Sydney’s Best NYC Food

By Sophia Richardson
28th Sep 2017


Enrich your cultural (and hungry) side with a taste of NYC in Sydney the next time you're damn near starving. It’s been drawn to our attention that the number of NYC inspired foodie destinations in Sydney are on the rise so we thought it our foodie obligation to create this list of what’s what when it comes to NYC food in Sydney. If all things bagels, pizza and deli deliciousness are your calling—this list is your answer.

Epic Pizza


For a truly authentic NYC experience look no further than Epic Pizza. You’ll need a minute to wrap your head around the fact they sell a 22’’ pizza (almost 4 x the size of normal pizzas... let that sink in) and you can buy these bad boys by the slice. 

Continental Deli


Trendy AF is all we can say about Continental Deli and they’re giving us major NYC vibes. Sandwiches are back baby when it comes to this Newtown locale, with fillings like mortadella, meatball or jamon (yeah, we get it, technically Spanish). You can also gaze your eyes on the huge spread of meats, cheese and canned things so save yourself the IRL trip to NYC and spend the arvo here.



Owners Gregory and Naomi are both originally from NYC, so you can expect Hartsyard is true to the authentic NYC vibe and experience. The restaurant is comfy and relaxed, and the food matches perfectly: pulled pork with maple bacon, apple and labna, and chicken skin, with a buttermilk ranch and dilly beans. 



Surly’s serves all things ‘Murica with quite a few NYC style sambos including the smoked Reuben and their famous beef brisket. Their menu not only screams NYC, but all things USA with a bunch of fried stuff (yum) like triple cheese fries and cheesy jalapeno nachos. You’ll leave feeling slightly greasier but definitely 147 times more cultured. 

York Trading & Co


Ignore the lunch you’ve pre-packed for today and get your mitts on one of their NYC inspired prosciutto fromage open melt. If that doesn’t wet your whistle try something from the nibbles board, which we should mention is designed to share… but can definitely be consumed solo, with its pickles, cheeses, eggs, breads, meats and olives equating to the best damn lunch of your life. 

Brooklyn Hide

Surry Hills

Brooklyn Hide, as the name suggests, has NYC all over it. The buzz at this bagelry (it’s a word now) is pumping, and you simply can’t go past their corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and mustard mayo bagel. May your mouths be watering.

The Morisson


If your idea of NYC eats is more, how do you say, fancy AF, then The Morisson is your best bet for some damn fine dinner delights. Their classy NYC feeling mains include chilli crab linguini, chicken Waldorf salad, and sardines and soldiers—cuuuuuuute. 

Lox Stock & Barrel


A NYC style deli with baked goods, cocktails and sandwiches—what’s not to love? The best part of Lox Stock & Barrel’s menu is their platters with stacks of meat, cheese, veggies, bagel crisps, fish and pickled bits. Grab a friend/date/colleague and get chowing down on one of these must-eat NYC inspired platters. 

Fountain Eatery & Bar

Potts Point

We’ve mentioned this before, and sure as hell we will mention it again—the Reuben sandwich here is out of this WORLD. What tops off this whole delicious experience is the fact you can have a sneaky bevvy while enjoying your Reuben (pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian sauce and sauerkraut). If you shut your eyes, with enough toots and beeps from traffic, it’ll feel like you really are in NYC.  

Smoking Gun Bagels


Bagels are no longer something you find lodged in your freezer, from a year ago in the hope you’d defrost it, cover it in Vegemite and find the experience slightly enjoyable. Smoking Gun Bagels serve house-made bagels with all sorts of tasty toppings, making it an affordable and filling breaky/brunchy/lunchy snack. These bagels come topped with incredible flavours like smoked wagyu, cabbage and harissa mayo or crème cheese, pickled beetroot, dried capers and cured salmon. Ed note: technically these are Canadian, but same land mass is good enough for us.

To keep the fun going with the best damn bagels in Sydney, read this.

Fountain Eatery & Bar | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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