Sweat It Out | Sydney’s Best Outdoor Gyms

By Christa Cahill
16th Nov 2016

Sydney, it’s time to get physical. With summer well and truly on its way, we just know that you are all thinking about that imminent (maybe dreaded is a better word) summer bod.

But have no fear, we are about to transform your workout to make it so much more enjoyable with a little help from something we call ‘Vitamin D’. Whether you are a fitness fanatic who just loves the outdoors, but also wants to hit the gym, or simply a newbie to the whole workout life, Sydneysiders love to keep fit and healthy outside. Quite frankly, what is better than soaking up the sun’s rays, breathing in the fresh air, while also getting that flex on? Absolutely nothing. And thanks to Mother Nature, this gym experience is entirely free!

So get ready to pump some iron ladies and gents, here are 10 of Sydney’s best outdoor gyms.

Bondi Park

Bondi Beach

Amongst the sea of bulging biceps and alpha abs of the gym bros, Bondi Park’s outdoor gym is certainly no eyesore (trust us, we go there every weekend). Being situated on Sydney’s most iconic beach, you can take in a healthy dose of the ocean breeze, embrace the buzzing atmosphere of Bondi, while also getting your sweat on. Bondi Park’s most recent revamp means that you are free to enjoy the new fitness stations, which boast the more minimal style of equipment, ranging from the triple dip bars and ballet barre, to the chest height push up bars and monkey bars. Also, if you want to completely reinvent your warm-up and cool-down regime, you have the option to incorporate a surf or a swim, welcome to your new summer gym.

Wiley Park

Canterbury Road

Are you in need of a state-of-the-art gym, but want to avoid the huge monthly fees or the tedious trek into the CBD every time you want to workout? Well, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, by heading to Sydney’s Southern Western suburbs to try out Wiley Park’s outdoor gym. The park’s wide-open space, together with the abundance of greenery, makes this the perfect place to work out for all of you nature lovers. Here, there is a great combination of static and dynamic exercise equipment, which enables you to tailor your workout to suit your needs.

Moore Reserve

Hurstville Grove

Moore Reserve boasts a large open space in the Oatley District comprising 14 hectares, including, you guessed it, an outdoor gym. The new outdoor fitness equipment includes 3 sets of pull-up bars of various heights, dip bars, and a variety of exercise stations, suitable for all levels of fitness. This area is very popular with local dog walkers, so why not bring along your canine friend for a wilder workout.

Sydney Park


At Sydney Park you are sure to break out a sweat without ever breaking the bank. The park is situated on the outskirts of the city south and offers a large open space of 40 hectares of luscious green grass, meandering pathways and picturesque parkland. There are three Spartan fitness stations, which will completely enhance your workout and create a more intense regime. Surrounded by beautiful wetlands, flowing creeks and wonderful wildlife, every day is gym day.

Rushcutters Bay Park

Rushcutters Bay

Located at the heart of the bay, Rushcutters fitness-station is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a more relaxing workout. As you look out across the tranquil harbour of calm water, you can enjoy the view of the dotted sailing boats as you do your warm-up stretches or cardio (you are sure not to get tired of the views). Rushcutters has a wide range of outdoor gym equipment, so you can mix up your workout each time you visit.

Prince Alfred Park

Surry Hills

Located in the inner eastern city suburbs, Price Alfred Park is the proud owner of an award-winning outdoor gym, and has become Sydney’s go-to fitness destination. The modern and motionless fitness facilities are scattered across the park, which include a range of push-up bars, sit-up benches, and stepping squares. The fresh air together with the luscious green grass creates the perfect environment for your workout. Need to warm-up or cool off after working up a sweat? The city’s first heated outdoor swimming pool is right there.

Wentworth Park


Wentworth is truly the home of all fitness enthusiasts, spanning from boot-campers and kick-boxers, to yogies and soccer-players, you won’t be short of any sporting activities on these grassy fields. Make use of the four exercise equipment stations, including stationary pull-up bars and sit-up benches, so you can work on that summer bod for zero cost! There is no excuse really not to get your booty in gear. If you are feeling extra energized, why not enjoy the four floodlit fields or the year-round cricket nets, it’s a sport lovers dream.

Ma'anshan Park


The thoughtfully (and beautifully) landscaped Ma’anshan Park offers a great place to workout while simultaneously relax amongst the peaceful greenery. Pull up bars, parallel dip bars, a series of wooden beams and other stationary exercises complete the space. The horizontal bars are a bit of a killer, but once you have been around the circuit a number of times with a combination of cardio bursts, you are sure not to be disappointed with this workout regime.

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Eastern Suburbs

If enjoying the beautiful scenes of the iconic Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk wasn’t enough for you, why not try out the various state-of-the-art workout equipments that are dotted along the path? Whether you are walking, jogging or running the 6km of beautiful coast, you have the option to completely reinvigorate and enhance your workout by engaging in some triceps dips or some intense squats. Beginning at Bondi’s Icebergs, this workout is one of a kind, that you can tailor perfectly for you. At the end you can refuel in Coogee, because post exercise calories don’t count.

Camperdown Park


One of the most modern fitness stations outside the CBD, Camperdown Park is just the place to be seen working out. With a sports ground, group training sessions, tennis and basketball courts, as well as elliptical, standing bike and pull-down machines, the versatility of these sporting facilities means that you do not have to compromise any of your gym routine whilst being able to enoy the outdoors. Now go and get that iron pumping.

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